Police traffic blitz focused on road safety

police traffic blitz
The South Bingera interception site for this week's road safety blitz.

A police traffic blitz this week focused on road safety in the lead-up to school holidays.

Phase one took place on Wednesday on Childers Road, South Bingera, and phase two on Thursday at Gin Gin Road, Sharon.

Twenty officers from a range of units were involved in the police traffic blitz with the following results:

  • 2172 random breath tests conducted;
  • 93 negative random drug tests;
  • Five positive saliva drug tests;
  • One drink driver;
  • One possession of dangerous drugs and utensil;
  • One disqualified driver;
  • Sixteen traffic infringement notices were issued (3 x unregistered and uninsured, 1 x expired licence, 5 x vehicle defects, 1 x consume liquor while driving, 1 x use re-painted number plate and 1 x failure to wear seatbelt);
  • 75 street checks were also conducted.

Inspector Pat Swindells said that the high-visibility operation was implemented to remind motorists that police conduct RBTs anywhere anytime.

“This type of operation is conducted with a view to reducing road trauma and hospitalisations in the Bundaberg Patrol Group,” Inspector Swindells said.