Pet corner: Lurch is looking for love

lurch dog
Lurch needs a forever home!

Name: Lurch

Breed: Large male bull arab

Age: 1 year 11 months

This big soft kind boy loves a pat.

He's still a little teenage gangly, but plays well with other dogs and is an all-round pretty mellow stable fellow.

He is endearing and lovable.

Gentle with just a hint of puppyish goofishness.

He's not quite sure what humans are always thinking, so is sometimes wary and sometimes a little over playful.

It's almost as though humans haven't featured much in his life so far.

If you're keen to offer patience, humane education and a permanent loving home, then please let Lurch know; he'd love to meet you!

If you wold like to adopt Lurch contact Sharyn and the team at Red Collar Rescue on 0438 869 085, email or visit the website.