Raw Awakening decorates Elliott Heads State School

Raw Awakening
Part of the colourful new practical art at Elliott Heads State School.

Elliott Heads State School students will return after the Easter break to see their under-cover play area colourfully decorated with educational art.

They'll be jumping around on painted games including Snakes and Ladders, Twister and hopscotch.

Alphabet snake artwork at Elliott Heads State School, Jamie Kirby Raw Awakening
Alphabet snake artwork at Elliott Heads State School.

It's part of a new “Raw Awakening” project of Urban Art Wide Bay.

Artist Jamie Kirby said the program is seeking funding.

“The work for schools is done at a very low cost to give a fun spin on education at children's lunch breaks,” he said.

“All games are education based to keep minds stimulated and focused while having fun.

“Raw Awakening is a local Bundaberg program and we look forward to painting all the schools.”

A turtle wall mural was recently installed at Kalkie State School and artwork was painted today at Bundaberg Central State School.

Jamie recently completed a stunning colourful butterfly mural at cancer treatment facility Genesis Care.

His inspiration is “the passion for art, seeing how it affects people in a positive way”.

Raw Awakening Jamie Kirby
A turtle wall mural at Kalkie State School, painted as part of the Raw Awakening project by Jamie Kirby.