Street art illustrates ‘Bundy feeds you’

Team Snipz street art in Bundaberg featuring Suzie Clarke and the words Bundy Feeds You.
New street art in Flinders Way, Bundaberg, by Team Snipz featuring the image of Suzie Clarke from Bundy Food Tours.

New street art in Flinders Way highlights the Bundaberg Region's food and agriculture in a fun, engaging way, reminding that “Bundy feeds you”.

Created by Team Snipz as part of a #lovebundy traders initiative, the artwork was installed today ahead of the planned Laneway Festival, which was unfortunately cancelled because of forecast rain.

Bundy Feeds You street art
Marlies Oakley and Vanessa Christie paint watermelons on a wall in Flinders Way, Bundaberg.

Team Snipz comprises Phil and Marlies Oakley and Vanessa Christi.

Phil's hands were wet with green paint when Bundaberg Now spoke to him shortly after finishing the piece.

The artwork depicts a basketball hoop, chilli, strawberries, watermelon and a picture of Suzie Clarke from Bundy Food Tours with the words “Bundy Feeds You”.

“The commission was to create something for the Taste Festival,” Phil said.

“It had to be related to food and have a selfie option.

“The idea of the poster in the middle was based on the old World War One recruiting poster ‘Your Country Needs You', changed to ‘Bundy Feeds You' because the Bundaberg Region is a food bowl.

“Suzie was suggested for the photo because of her involvement with the food industry.”

Suzie said she was pleased to promote local food and she liked the historical linkage.

“Bundaberg has a lot of history and we do feed the nation,” she said.

“People who work in the industry are very aware of how much food we produce, but it's not something they talk about because they're too busy farming.

“I'm looking forward to seeing some farmers and other producers in a selfie or two!”