Squash ball machine will develop skills

A new ball machine will ramp up training at the Bundaberg Squash Centre.
A new ball machine will ramp up training at the Bundaberg Squash Centre.

The Bundaberg Squash Centre will be serving left, right and centre thanks to a new ball machine aimed at developing skills and training.

An application was made to Sports and Recreation Queensland for a grant to acquire a new ball machine, which was recently approved.

Local highly ranked Australian Masters Squash Player and respected club member Jim Mobbs was the driving force behind the application.

He also has a passion to see Bundaberg’s junior squash players have the equipment needed to give them the best possible chance to succeed in this highly competitive and challenging game.

“The idea of the ball machine is to provide standardised shots so that people can practice and have some fun,” he said.

“It’s also a great tool to help with beginners because they often have trouble getting the ball warm enough to get a hit going, plus it gives the coach the ability to have more players on the court at the same time and allows him more time to focus on their technique.”

Example of a squash ball machine in action. Source: YouTube

Local businesswoman Lyn Toft from JA Toft and Co made a donation to the club following the ball machines arrival — 20 brand new squash glasses.

The glasses will ensure members have the best safety equipment while practising at the centre.

State Championshops around the corner

The squash ball machine arrives just in time for Bundaberg to host the Queensland 10-19 Year Old Girls and Boys Squash State Championships.

May 23 to 26 will bring 120 children plus coaches and officials to the region as Queensland’s best juniors battle it out.

The representative program for squash offers opportunity for 10 to 19 year old boys and girls to compete at state and national championship levels.

The Queensland School Sport Championships was acknowledged as a Bronze Sanctioned event by Squash Australia.

This provides an avenue for students to gain points towards their Australian ranking.

Training sessions important

Bundaberg’s resident juniors coach and president of the Bundaberg Squash Club Ben Tobin is hopeful for success as Bundaberg’s best juniors head into the competition.

squash ball machine
Bundaberg Squash Centre

“Our juniors are playing exceptional squash and have trained hard for this event,” he said.

“For the next few weeks before the tournament, training is crucial.

“Now that the ball machine has arrived I believe the juniors training sessions will be more efficient and it will allow me to closely watch the player more, providing more effective training.”

The new ball machine will be officially unveiled at a special presentation at the Bundaberg Squash Centre on Wednesday, 8 May 2019 at 4pm.