Shalom TV shares positive stories

Simon Rathbone, Murray Page and Principal Dan McMahon on set during production of the next episode of Shalom TV
Simon Rathbone, Murray Page and principal Dan McMahon on set during production of the next episode of Shalom TV

With 1400 students at Shalom College there’s a lot of stories to be told and now the school has launched its own television channel to do just that.

Shalom TV is the brainchild of the school’s audio-visual technician Murray Page who brought with him 25 years of experience in the television and film industry.

The first two episodes have already been launched and Mr Page said the response had been fantastic.

“We’re really in the infancy of it but it’s just grown and grown,” Mr Page said.

“We wanted to start something the kids can be a part of. It’s an opportunity for them to learn. The kids love it.”

Producing a 20-minute news bulletin every two weeks, Shalom TV is an extracurricular activity available to all students in Years 10 to 12.

“Every student has the opportunity to be a part of it,” he said.

“They learn the commercial elements to TV production from script writing and directing to camera operation.

“Most of them go to university without having a clue to what they want to do.

“This at least can give them a better idea of what they want to do and bring out hidden talents.”

He said the production shared the achievements of students but was also a platform to promote the Bundaberg Region.

Each episode is created on campus in a recording studio using first-class facilities with professional lighting, sound and a teleprompter.

“These stories haven’t been told,” Mr Page said.

“Looking around Australia there’s not many colleges doing something like this.”

The latest episode of Shalom TV

Shalom TV prepares students for uni

Shalom gap-year student Simon Rathbone is preparing to study sports media at university next year and leapt at the opportunity to be Shalom TV’s rugby league reporter.

“It’s a really good way to get some experience and it’s exactly what I want to do,” Simon said.

He’s already recorded his first story about a rugby league carnival coming up later this year.

“It was really good. I’ve done writing but this was my first time in front of the camera and reporting.

“It was a little taste of what I want to get in to.

“At school I always sort of thought this is what I want to do but something like this is great to get a foot in the door before university.”

Video a new communication tool

Principal Dan McMahon said communication was vitally important to the school to share information with parents and the community.

“This is just another way that I hope will add to that to communicate well,” Mr McMahon said.

“So far it’s proved quite popular and gives our students a chance to build their skill set in the process.

“It’s another way to see what’s happening and it’s easier than reading the newsletter.”

He said Shalom TV was “just another string to the bow” showcasing the school’s first-class facilities.

“More students will become interested in film and TV as a subject on both sides of the camera.”

Mr Page said he was also working with business class students to help them gain experience in producing television quality commercials.