Five generations celebrate Mother’s Day

Five generations Mother's Day
Five generations of mums and daughters celebrating Mother's Day (from left): Violet Burley, Monica Banks, Monica Shaxson, Leeanne Shaxson and (front) Darcie Banks.

Mothers’ Day will have an extra special meaning for two Bundaberg Regional Council employees who are celebrating with five generations from the one family.

Leeanne Shaxson is a landfill attendant and mum of environmental services administration officer Monica Banks.

Her family is fortunate to be celebrating with five generations ranging from great-great grandmother Violet Burley, aged 86 years, down to Darcie Banks, aged 3.

“Our family has also had five generations prior to Darcie’s arrival, so we are lucky twice around,” said Leeanne.

Having lived away in New Zealand for a number of years, Leeanne said it now means more to her than ever to be so close to all five family members.

Monica agrees and said having five generations in the family enables them to remain close-knit and pass stories and skills down the line.

Mothers’ Day is a time to reflect on what our mums mean to us and what it means to those who are mothers.

Monica said being a mother is the best job in the world and her mum has been an awesome role model, teaching her resilience and strength.

“I’m most proud of my daughter and the baby we have on the way,” said Monica.

“They’re my greatest gems and best achievements.

“The responsibility you have as a mother is enormous. I’m so lucky to have a kind, smart and cheeky daughter who makes being a mum so much fun.”

For Leeanne, being a mum has made her appreciate her mother more.

“As an adult, understanding the highs and lows in life, the most important thing is to have the ones around you who truly matter.

“It’s comforting to know you can always rely on your mum, no matter what.”

Leeanne and Monica are looking forward to making more special memories this Mothers’ Day.

“We are planning to gather for an afternoon tea with good food and great company,” Leeanne said.

“The memories we’re making together will last more than one lifetime as we pass them down through the generations.”