Goat and horse form unique friendship at Bucca Retreat

A goat and horse have formed an unlikely friendship at Bucca Retreat.
Tiny and Goatie have formed a unique bond at Bucca Retreat. Photo: Bucca Retreat Facebook

An unlikely animal friendship is making thousands of people around the world sigh a collective “awww” after footage of the pair at a Bundaberg Region property circulated the internet.

Goatie and Tiny the miniature horse at Bucca Retreat are the best of friends, according to owner Jamin Fleming, who captured video of the animals unusual interaction recently.

The footage shows various instances where the goat jumps on the horse's back and goes for a ride.

It has already garnered over 300 thousand views on LADbible after being shared just yesterday.

Goat and horse form unlikely friendship

Jamin said when he first saw the funny interaction between the animals, it had caught him by surprise.

“I was doing some mowing then I looked over and saw Goatie jumping on Tiny's (the horse) back,” he said.

“That was the first time I had seen it, about a month ago, and now they do it quite regularly!”

Jamin said he acquired Goatie and Tiny separately about six months ago and said the pair had formed quite a bond.

“They are inseparable,” he said.

“As soon as we seperate them they go crazy and want to be back together

“So now they live together 24/7 at the retreat.”

Tiny and Goatie
BEST FRIENDS: Tiny and Goatie are inseparable. Photo: Bucca Retreat Facebook

Jamin said Tiny, the minuture horse, was 10 years old and Goatie was around one.

“We have school camps out here pretty much weekly and the kids just absolutely love them,” he said.

“I’ve seen a few things out here….but these two would have to take the cake for the amount of laughs they bring people.”

Bucca Retreat offers schools, families and groups an exciting outdoor campsite area featuring a range of facilities including a water slide.

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