Frog and snake trapped in Childers toilet

Snake catcher surprised by what he finds in local loo

snake and frog stuck in a toilet
Andrew Buckley from Buckleys Snake Relocation Services finds a snake that's bitten off more than it can chew, stuck in a toilet with a frog.

Snake catcher Andrew Buckley was surprised to find a snake had bitten off more than it could chew and became stuck in a toilet with a frog.

The Buckleys Snake Relocation Services owner was on a routine call-out at Childers when the situation became a little slippery.

“Not exactly how I planned spending my Saturday, but it was probably more of an inconvenience for the owners,” Andrew said.

He was called to remove a snake that had curled up and became stuck inside a toilet.

“As you can see a decent sized common tree snake had managed to enter their toilet,” Andrew said.

Andrew Buckley is local snake catcher, he is pictured here with a non-venomous snake.

But he then realised the reason why the green serpent had found its way down the loo.

“I soon realised it was not alone and in fact there was a green tree frog stuck as well,” he said.

“After a long time of trying to coax either creature to move, I worked out why I wasn't having any luck.

“The snake still had hold of the frog, much to the distress of the frog who was croaking enthusiastically.”

Andrew carefully edged both around the lip of the bowl until the snake lost its grip.

He was able to pull the snake free, but not wanting to miss a meal the non-venomous snake quickly tried to grab the frog again.

A happy ending after all

“With the snake cleaned and bagged, I carefully removed the frog who was none the worse for wear,” Andrew said.

After a quick clean the frog was released to hop another day.

With the warmer weather hanging around the Bundaberg Region, snakes are still on the move.

Earlier this week a red-bellied black snake was removed at Moore Park Beach.