First Inspire Bundaberg shares powerful stories

Inspire Bundaberg presenters
The first Let's Inspire Bundaberg seminar was held on Thursday night. Pictured are John Lawrence, Denise Williamson, Taryn Gollshewsky, Paul Timms and Joanne Stumbles.

The first Inspire Bundaberg event last night heard presentations from Healthy Nation founder Paul Timms, athlete Taryn Gollshewsky and burns victim Joanne Stumbles.

What inspires you? That's a question with a different answer to every individual.

On Thursday night Paul took to the stage of the inaugural Let’s Inspire Bundaberg event along with passionate guest speakers. They all shared their journeys in hope of creating a little inspiration in the crowd.

Paul said he was working to create opportunities for people to get some inspiration, encouragement and support to improve their health and wellness.

“We coordinate a range of events and programs to bring people together and provide inspiration and support for people who want to make a positive difference in our community,” Paul said.

“We are a community of inspiring leaders, coaches and champions making an impact on our region.”

Appearing with Paul were Australian athlete Taryn Gollshewsky and local woman Joanne Stumbles.

Each speaker had the chance to share their own inspirational stories in a way that gave the audience a renewed passion for their own life.

A story from the ashes

Joanne Stumbles has always had a bucket list and knew one day she’d overcome some of her biggest fears.

But what Jo didn’t know was she’d have to go through hell and back to achieve some of them.

During winter 2016 Jo was celebrating her husband Mick Cole’s birthday when she lost her footing and fell into a fire pit.

Screaming in agonising pain, Jo’s husband reached in to pull her up, but the puffer jacket she was wearing melted away and she fell down onto the hot embers for a second time.

She received third-degree burns to 20 per cent of her body, including the back of her neck.

Jo was sent to Brisbane where she underwent months of rehabilitation in the burns ward of the Royal Brisbane Hospital.

At this time Jo was emotionally shattered, she was given a directive that she would not be released from hospital until she could walk up three steps – a heavy task in its self, Jo said.

Two years later Jo felt she was ready to tackle her demons, as she worked tirelessly to train not only her body but her mind to compete in last year’s Obstacle Hell.

Surrounded by her friends and family, every step of the way Jo triumphed and completed a feat she never felt possible.

It took the Queensland Computers employee years of hard work to get to the stage where she could openly speak to other about the events that took place that winter’s night.

Now she shares her story with hopes to inspire those who think they can’t, to try and give it everything they have and to eventually succeed.

More Inspire Bundaberg seminars

Paul said the Inspire Bundaberg seminar was designed to bring like-minded people together for an evening of inspiration, networking and community.

He wants to work with the Bundaberg community to empower them and said this would be the first of many events, to find out more click here.

Paul said the events would also support the work started by the Moore Park Beach Men's Shed.

“We will be running a raffle and doing a charity auction to help the men's shed to get the resources they need to reduce loneliness and depression on our men,” Paul said.

“We will hear from founder and president John Lawrence about the great work and results that they have achieved over the past 12 months.”

A thought was left with the audience by Paul as he asked them when they thought of the word inspirational how many actually thought of themselves.

“Not everyone hears the word inspiration and says year that’s me,” Paul said.

“Well, I want to know why not?

“As individuals we can all make an impact of the community and be inspirational in some way.”