QBL basketball could rebound in Bundaberg

QBL basketball could return to Bundaberg
Basketball players in Bundaberg could have a chance to compete in the QBL pending potential sponsorship. Photo: Zen Creative Studios

State-level basketballers could be shooting hoops in the Queensland Basketball League (QBL) in Bundaberg again if sponsorship agreements are secured.

Discussions between Bundaberg Regional Council and Bundaberg Basketball are under way to support getting local teams into the QBL.

State games involving the Bundaberg Bulls and Bears were put on hold three years ago.

Talks are now happening to get the teams competing again, with home games sure to draw in local crowds if they go ahead.

Mayor Jack Dempsey said he hopes the talks are fruitful and that support is forthcoming from the local community and businesses.

“Everyone should get behind our local basketball association to put Bundaberg on the sporting map,” he said.

“It would be fantastic for Bundaberg Region basketballers to have a pathway to higher levels of competition.

“If it goes ahead, I hope local people get behind the teams and turn-out in droves to make Bundaberg a fortress for the home teams.”

The Bundaberg Bears playing a few years ago. QBL basketball could return to Bundaberg.
The Bundaberg Bears playing a few years ago. Photo: Zen Creative Studios

Council sport and recreation portfolio spokesperson Cr Helen Blackburn said, if approved, the home games would provide the region with sporting entertainment which would attract basketball enthusiasts from near and far.

“The Queensland Basketball League have a huge following with people travelling from across the state to watch players compete,” she said.

“These games are exciting, fun, entertaining, fast-paced and offer a great timeslot for those playing and cheering on their favourites.”

Suitable venue needed for QBL basketball

Cr Blackburn said the Bundaberg Basketball QBL sponsorship proposal outlined the need for a suitable venue to host the home games.

“A potential crowd of over 500 people could be expected per game,” she said.

The Bundaberg Multiplex has been highlighted as a possible venue. for QBL basketball
The Bundaberg Multiplex has been identified as a possible venue.

“The use of the Bundaberg Multiplex has been discussed as a quality playing environment for QBL teams and large enough to cater for such crowds.”

Bundaberg Bulls coach Mick Catlin said if QBL basketball sponsorship was approved it would provide many benefits for the whole region.

“Our Bulls and Bears teams are at the second highest level in Australia with the QBL acting as a feeder competition for the national league,” he said.

“This means we get a few American basketball players who come over as imports to play and they also get heavily involved in the community.

“Whether it’s helping out at various organisations and charities, volunteering their time, being mentors for young people and more.

“We see this as a fantastic opportunity to build a bit of sporting pride and excitement in the region and to also bring the community together.”