Gardening guru’s beard inspires artwork

Summer Farrelly artwork
Summer Farrelly has sold her latest painting, Costa Bee for Gold Logie, to Trish Mears.

Five years ago Trish Mears become the proud owner of the first painting Summer Farrelly ever sold and this weekend she added Summer’s latest painting, inspired by Costa Georgiadis, to her art collection.

Summer, 12, has autism and is the local identity who co-wrote a therapeutic chicken program using companion chickens to help people in the community feel loved and valued.

Trish said when she first set eyes on one of Summer’s first pieces of artwork at the Lighthouse Festival she asked if it was for sale.

The organisers said they weren't sure, and contacted the young artist to see if she would part with the piece.

At the time, Summer’s mum Cynthia said the Year 3 student wasn’t initially keen to sell the artwork, but after the organisers said it would help people start to recognise her work, it was sold.

ABC Gardening Australia host Costa Georgiadis inspired Summer Farrelly artwork.
ABC Gardening Australia host Costa Georgiadis had egg in his beard when Summer Farrelly met him, inspiring her latest artwork.

Now some years later Summer thrives on creating pieces to share with others, including artwork inspired by gardening guru Costa Georgiadis, the bearded gardening gnome from Gardening Australia.

Summer said she had recently spent time with Costa who inspired the painting, Costa Bee for Gold Logie, which Trish bought.

“When I met Costa we went in to the lunchroom and he was eating egg sandwich, and it was in all through his beard and I captured that in this piece of art,” Summer said.

“Instead of the yellow here representing honey, to me it represents an egg sandwich.

“It was stuck all in his beard!”

Summer's artworks incorporate elements of found materials, such as computer pieces and snake skin.

Trish said Summer had so much potential and her journey was only just starting.

“I watch Gardening Australia and love Costa as well,” Trish said.

Summer Farrelly artwork attracts interest

Summer said creating art helped with many aspects of her life, just like the chickens in her therapy program.

“I have 10 chickens here and 10 at CLS (Community Lifestyle Support),” she said.

“The chickens inspire my artwork.”

The 12-year-old currently goes to the Capricornia School of Distance Education and finds the time to dabble in her art between lessons.

“I go to school through the computer now,” Summer said.

“Since I do distant education I have a lot of time at home and that gives me the opportunity to do this, work with my chickens and my 3D printer to make my chicken prosthetics.”

Cynthia said her daughter's artwork had attracted interest from overseas buyers and the pair were now looking to work in a way to include 3D printed snake skin for shipping internationally.