Passion creates power, energy of Yamato performers

The Yamato Drummers will perform their Passion show at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre in August.
The Yamato Drummers will perform their Passion show at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre in August.

The boom of the taiko drum will echo around the walls of the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre when the Yamato drummers showcase their strength and stamina next month.

Made up of 14 musicians who hail from Japan’s Nara Prefecture, the group will perform their latest show Passion featuring an explosion of energetic, highly rhythmic drumming that leaves the performers challenging and pushing themselves to their absolute limits.

Artistic director and the founder of Yamato Drummers of Japan Masa Ogawa said each performer used drums that weigh up to half a tonne to deliver a passionate, high-energy show.

“Our motivation for this latest endeavour is precisely our never-ending passion,” he said.

“Yamato has always used the passion to confront tradition. Yamato has been propelled by the passion to run freely around the world.”

Mr Ogawa said the performers required the strength and stamina to deliver a passionate performance to audiences each night.

“As I am sure you can imagine, Yamato's performances require an unimaginable amount of energy…,” he said.

“Picture a large Odaiko drum, weighing over 500 kg, standing tall as the centrepiece, surrounded by dozens of Taiko drums of various sizes and unique characters.

Yamato drummers train all year round

Mr Ogawa said the members of Yamato trained extremely hard all year round, from morning to night.

“We develop strong muscles, build strength, and maintain our bodies in top condition, so that we are able to sustain the hard work that is required for the performances,” he said.

“To accomplish this, it is important to have a strong will and great physical strength, but there is one other thing that is absolutely essential. That is passion.”

Yamato drummers train every day, morning and night.
Yamato drummers train every day, morning and night.

Mr Ogawa said Yamato's passion can be seen unfolding on the stage.

“Yamato believes that the most important element in the performances is the exchange of energy with the audience,” he said.

“Yamato has been giving energy to the audiences through Taiko drumming performances. At the same time, Yamato has also received a huge amount of energy back from the audiences as well.

“Our new program aims to create a magnificent explosion of great passion.”

Tickets are currently on sale for the Yamato Passion tour, to be showcased at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre on Saturday, 10 August at 7.30 pm.

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