Local artists showcase skill in Sunshine Coast exhibition

Sunshine Coast exhibition: The BRAG Trade Artist Group will showcase their work at the Cooroy Butter Factory Art Centre later this month.
The BRAG Trade Artist Group will showcase their work at the Cooroy Butter Factory Art Centre later this month.

Five Bundaberg Region artists will soon showcase their artistic skill in the Sunshine Coast in their upcoming exhibition, Joy of the Journey.

The eclectic group exhibition by The BRAG Trade Artist Group will be on show at the Cooroy Butter Factory Art Centre, curated by Alicia Sharples.

The BRAG Trade is a collective of early career artists with common links through volunteering at the Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery with this exhibition featuring five artists: Kevin Aldcroft, Gabrielle McDonald, Patricia Sheppard, Raymon Singleton and Paul Perry.

Mr Perry said the exhibition, the largest body of work the local artists have presented in one place, would examine the joy of the journey in five parts.

“The joy of creating, the joy of each artistic journey, the joy of travel expressed visually, and the joy of where the resulting artwork may take the viewer,” he said.

“The Sunshine Coast exhibition will explore the artists’ diverse relationships with forms, themes and techniques.

“Many of the works are visually inspired pieces with unconventional painting techniques, dimensional drawings and multi-patterned pieces.

“Shapes and lines are driving forces. For the majority of the artists colour is also important as it takes center stage, showing versatility, skill and piquing interest.”

Sunshine Coast exhibition: Artists and their techniques

Patricia Sheppard’s take on the Australian bush and landscapes intensely focuses on movement and the visual play of paint, with her use of modern colours rather than the normal traditional palette.

Gabrielle McDonald follows no rules with colour and moves across the boundaries of abstraction and realism, packing powerful bold punches with her work through the use of acrylics, oil bars and pens, adding drips, bold marks and overdrawings.

Raymon Singleton indulges his love of the ocean. His patterns and shapes carefully formed on recycled timber, reflecting his passion for nature.

Kevin Aldcroft explores the relationships of the planets and space in a different realm and has his own unique series of “cat” inspired hand drawings.

Paul Perry’s diverse artistic practice explores the relationships of material and message; large scale paintings, mosaics, as well as chainsaw hewn logs salvaged from the aftermath of the 2013 Bundaberg floods.

“This exhibition sees the individual journeys of the artists momentarily converge and hopefully, creates a destination that evokes joy, raises possibilities and challenges others,” Mr Perry said.

The exhibition will run from 26 July to 3 September, with a formal opening at 6pm on Friday 26 July by Tony Wellington, Mayor of the Noosa Regional Council.