New record for website visits, thank you!

Bundaberg Now
July was a record month for the Bundaberg Now website, with 37,730 visitors and 90,452 page views.

Thank you to everyone who visits our website.

July set a new record for website traffic, with 37,730 people visiting and there were 90,452 page views.

This was the highest number for a full month since Bundaberg Now established in February.

Our Facebook page now has 13,650 likes, making it one of the largest followings of any social media site that's dedicated to the Bundaberg Region.

Local media websites and their Facebook pages generally cover North Burnett, Gladstone and Fraser Coast as well. Some of them also publish news from around Australia and overseas.

Bundaberg Now is focused entirely on the Bundaberg Region and all our content is free to view — no paywall. We were featured this week on the popular website Mumbrella.

Thanks for your support.

Facebook stats
Facebook statistics for the past four weeks. Source: Facebook


  1. Personally I buy the News-Mail 6 days/week and have continued to do so despite this site running. I wonder if I count as 6 people in their figures?

    As for Bundaberg Now I knew it was being run by council already despite having no connections to the council. Sounds more like MSM is trying to do a hit piece to take down a perceived threat. This is not the case for me at least, I have no issues with buying the News-Mail still as well as using this site.

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