Celebrating 10 years of adoptions at Red Collar Rescue

Red Collar Rescue birthday and adoption day
Red Collar Rescue volunteer president Nerida Hepple along with volunteer Jenny and border collie Sheila who is up for adoption.

Red Collar Rescue celebrated its 10th birthday with an adoption day at the Queenslander Hotel on Sunday, with dogs ready to find their new loving homes.

Volunteer president Nerida Hepple said in 10 years more than 4000 dogs and puppies have found a new life and been adopted out to loving local families.

Nerida said she and all the other volunteers, who dedicate many hours each week to saving man’s best friend, hoped in another 10 years’ time there would be no need for an organisation such as Red Collar Rescue.

“Really we wish we never had to do it and we wish we weren’t in existence,” Nerida said.  

“Our main aim one day is to never have any rescues anywhere in Queensland, or Australia for that matter. That would be a blessing!”

Along with rescuing dogs which are not claimed from the pound, Red Collar Rescue offers help to people looking for a future pet.

“We try to educate people about desexing, vaccinations and also help people do research on breeds, and the dog that you want, so you don’t end up surrendering it to the pound,” she said.

“Not all dogs are suited to every household, the breed, the size, the temperament each dog is different and it’s not just about the look of the dog that’s important when making the choice to take a puppy home.”

Where to start when looking for a pet

Nerida said the Red Collar Rescue website was a good place to start when looking to take home a rescue dog, and the organisation was always looking for more foster-dog mum and dads.

“We have a huge need for foster parents because if the dogs can be in foster first we can find out more about each of them and it will help us suit each dog to a particular person or family,” she said.

“And while they are in foster, they’ve got a loving home rather than being in the shelter until they find that forever home.

“Good fencing and lots of love is what you need to become a foster parent.”

Red Collar Rescue adoption day, 10th birthday
Bundaberg Region Mayor Jack Dempsey with Red Collar Rescue volunteer Andy May at the organisation's 10-year celebration day.

Congratulations on 10 years

Mayor Jack Dempsey congratulated Red Collar Rescue, saying it was a vital service run by devoted volunteers from the Bundaberg Region.

“It’s a great credit to everybody that 4000 dogs have gone through and been saved by the organisation,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“Sometimes the way people treat their dogs is a bit ruff!

“You look in the eyes of these dogs and your heart just goes out; Red Collar Rescue do an amazing job.”

Volunteer Andy May said it was his first day on the job, but as a dog lover he couldn’t say no when asked if he’d help at the adoption day.

“I have two dogs, but I am considering becoming a foster parent as well,” Andy said.

“We are here hoping to adopt a few out today and anyone with a love for dogs should consider it.”

To find out more about Red Collar Rescue, visit the Facebook page.

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