VIP Defence Academy experience for Jack Brophy

Jack Brophy from Bundaberg at the Defence Academy open day
Shalom College Year 10 student Jack Brophy got to experience a flight simulator at the Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra.

Bundaberg local Jack Brophy won one of three young people to win an exclusive experience at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) Open Day on 24 August 2019.

The winners flew over Canberra in a Navy multi-role helicopter (MRH-90), tackled the ADFA abseiling tower, toured ADFA’s world-class academic and military facilities, and gained first hand insights about life at ADFA from trainee officers.

On top of these unforgettable experiences, all three winners received return flights to Canberra, hotel accommodation and a merchandise pack.

Jack Brophy abseiling at the Defence Academy open day
Jack Brophy from Bundaberg descends the abseiling structure at the Australian Defence Force Academy.

More than 3800 people aged 16-22 years entered the competition, describing why they would make great future leaders.

Jack’s response focused on collaboration, patience, and enthusiasm. He hopes to be an innovative leader and aspires to an aviation career.

The 16-year-old is currently completing Year 11 at Shalom College. He has learned that a career in Air Force Aviation can range from controlling airspace and managing missions to flying some of the fastest and most manoeuvrable aircraft in Australian skies.

“I had the opportunity to explore ADFA and try my hand at the same flight simulator the pilot cadets use to master their skills. It was exhilarating,” Jack said.

He is excited about the opportunity to learn more about aircraft technology at ADFA.

Jack is also keen to join some of the many extra-curricular clubs on offer, in particular the ADFA Adventure Training Club.

“I’m hoping to study engineering at ADFA and eventually achieve my dream of becoming a Pilot for the Air Force,” Jack said.

“The VIP experience has given me the insight and understanding I need to confidently apply for a place at ADFA.

“I know becoming a pilot is competitive, but I’m determined to make it happen.”

For many, the Defence Academy Open Day is the first step towards commencing a challenging and exciting career straight out of high school.