Professor Tech brings virtual reality to students

 Students can engage in a range of new digital technology with Professor Tech when he brings his workshop to Bundaberg.
Students can engage in a range of new digital technology with Professor Tech when he brings his workshop to Bundaberg.

He swims with sharks and walks with dinosaurs all from the comfort of a room, and soon Professor Tech will bring those experiences and more to students of the Bundaberg Region.

The associate professor in educational technology at CQUniversity Australia, Professor Michael Cowling, has a passion for technology and computer science education.

He will host his workshop, An Introduction to Extended Reality, at Bundaberg Library on Tuesday, 17 September.

Bundaberg Regional Council's community and cultural services portfolio spokesperson Cr Judy Peters said the professor's visit comes ahead of his presentation at the Wide Bay Health Symposium at CQUniversity.

“We are very lucky that Professor Tech decided to visit the region a day early so he could provide this amazing and immersive workshop with his team from CQUniverity Bundaberg’s CREATE Lab for students,” Cr Peters said.

What does Professor Tech's workshop feature?

Students attending the workshop will learn the differences between virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

Professor Tech, aka Professor Michael Cowling.
Professor Tech, aka Professor Michael Cowling.

Participants will also take part in extended reality experiences included placing digital mixed reality holograms, viewing augmented reality art pieces and using virtual reality to experience immersive digital experiences such as swimming with sharks and walking with dinosaurs.

Cr  Peters said the event was aimed at both primary and secondary school students with a keen interest in the digital world.

“The benefits that will come out of the event include witnessing the latest and coolest technologies, which I'm sure many students will be excited about,” Cr Peters said.

“This is all about engaging in play-based learning and really getting an understanding of how technology can help shape the way young people develop new skills.

“It’s important for people to see and experience how this technology can be incorporated into the educational field so I urge all students to get involved.”

The workshop will be held on Tuesday, 17 September at 4pm at Bundaberg Library.

Bookings are essential. Click here to register or phone the library on 4130 4140.