Afrikaans culture celebrated at CQUni Bundaberg

CQUniversity Bundaberg held an event to celebrate the Afrikaans culture this week.
CQUniversity Bundaberg held an event to celebrate Afrikaans culture this week.

A traditional South African brai was held at CQUniversity this week where more than 70 participants celebrated Afrikaans culture at the campus on University Drive.

CQUniversity's Associate Vice-Chancellor Wide Bay Burnett Region Luke Sinclair said the event was attended by students and teachers who enjoyed traditional foods and were educated on the history behind the dishes.

“Seventy students and staff enjoyed sampling boerewors with mielie pap, a dish made from corn and cooked to perfection by Herna Conradie and friends from South Africa,” he said.

The event was one of three held at CQUniversity's Bundaberg campus this year, hosted by the CQUni Interfaith and Cultural Diversity Society.

“The other cultural events included Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Pacific Islander earth oven cooking, and traditional Middle Eastern fare,” Mr Sinclair said.

“Diversity is important because our country, workplaces, and schools increasingly consist of various cultural, racial, religious and ethnic groups.

“We can learn from one another but first we must have a level of understanding about each other.”

CQUni Interfaith and Cultural Diversity Society

The group was established last year and now has more than 30 staff and student members who meet on a regular basis.

Dr Michael Malouf, who helped establish the group, said their main goal was to connect all local university staff and students by promoting respect, harmony and understanding of different cultures and faiths.

“Our group is made up of staff and students from many different backgrounds and faiths,” he said.

“We work together to promote diversity both on our local CQUni campus and within our local community.”

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