Options Day ambassador shares inspiring story

Options Day ambassador
Midge Rose, Ben Bullen, Kellie Bolstad, Mayor Jack Dempsey, Options Day ambassador Brodie Bache and Terry Mahoney at the 2019 Options Day event.

Options Day ambassador Brodie Bache attended today’s event to inspire this year’s attendees with his success story.

Two years ago the Childers local attended Options Day and made connections with SES and the Rural Fire Brigade.

Now the 18-year-old is a well-known volunteer across a number of local organisations and was named the Childers Junior Citizen of the Year in 2018.

Diagnosed with autism, ADHD and ADD Brodie said it was surreal to now find himself acting as a role model at Options Day for other people with disabilities.

“It’s kind of weird, I’m not the kind of person that feels like a normal role model,” Brodie said.

“I’m normally the person that likes to help people but I don’t expect anything back.

“So it’s kind of another achievement I’ve made and it’s just something different.”

Options Day ambassador says event opens doors

He said attending Options Day was one of the best decisions he ever made, leading to many opportunities.

“It’s opened up doors big time.

“I came down to Options Day in Bundy and saw the local SES guys and they referred me over to Childers because that’s where I was currently based and not only that I also met the Rural Fire Brigade here as well.

“I started doing SES, Rural Fire Brigade and show society.

“The achievements kept coming along.”

He’s volunteered with SES ever since and has picked up a number of tickets in his field operation duties including chainsaw and working at heights.

“I’m up to 48 hours a week with the SES.

“That’s with volunteering and going to all the functions and that sort of stuff.

“If any other group in Bundy or Gin Gin or anything needs me, I’m always there.

“I’m normally the first one to put my hand up.

“I always like getting out there as soon as possible.

“I like to save people’s life and not only that, help them.”

Brodie is also doing quite a few hours with the Rural Fire Brigade as needed, including responding to bushfires and helping out around the shed.

“All the guys there are very supportive,” he said.

Brodie said he hoped attendees got something out of today’s well attended Options Day event.

“I’m hoping that with today it helps other people out too.

“All the support services… will all be there to help you.

“If you need help just ask, don’t be afraid to ask

“You’re better off to ask and … get where you want to be.”

Event connects people with service providers

Options Day
Emma Faint and Krystal Hall at 2019 Options Day

Mayor Jack Dempsey welcomed guests to this year’s Options Day and said it was wonderful to meet ambassador Brodie.

“Options Day is a fantastic local, annual, community-driven event that invites people to discover the rapidly emerging opportunities in the local disability sector,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“This event offers inclusive hands-on and engaging activities for the whole community.

“Of course, one of the main objectives today is for people with a disability and their carers to familiarise themselves with some of the service providers and community groups that can support them.

“There was a fantastic turnout for service providers and attendees and I’m sure everyone who came along took something away with them.

“It was wonderful to hear firsthand from Brodie a success story from previous years and I’m sure there will be many more to come following today’s wonderful event.”

APM Community engagement officer and Options Day Working Group member Jill Allison was one of the many stallholders.

As a disability employment service worker, she said Options Day was a great opportunity for people living with disability to find out more about opportunities in the workforce.

“A lot of people don’t realise if they’re on a disability support pension they can work,” Jill said.

“You’re wanted, you’re needed, you’re part of this society and you’re contributing like everyone else.

“We wake up in the morning and we go to a job and see what we’re achieving, and we feel good about ourselves.”

The event also featured an art show and the Wide Angle Film Festival.