Adopt a Cop talk on consequences of violence, drugs

Adopt a Cop
Adopt a Cop: Sergeant Meg Owens and Detective Senior Constable Crawford gave an in-depth presentation at the Tom Quinn Community Centre Alternative School. Photo: Queensland Police Service

Students from Tom Quinn Community Centre heard from Bundaberg Police officers last week as part of the adopt-a-cop program.

Adopt a Cop Sergeant Meg Owens and Detective Senior Constable Steve Crawford from the Bundaberg Child Protection Investigation Unit (CPIU) attended the school to chat with the group.

Detective Senior Constable Crawford said they had in-depth discussions on various topics, including the court system and processes, drugs and alcohol and how one punch can kill.

“These conversations are important to have with our youth,” Detective Senior Constable Crawford said.

“The one punch can kill campaign is aimed at preventing senseless violence among young people.

“One punch is all it takes to ruin not only your own your life, but the lives of others.”

Sergeant Owens delivered the stern message that drugs and alcohol can also have serious and damaging consequences.

“You will never be certain what is in the drugs or where they were made,” Sergeant Owens said.

“It only takes one bad batch and your life will never be the same again.”