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Golden Barra released at Lake Monduran

2019 Golden Barra release
Local freshwater fishing celebrity Jason Ehrlich was enlisted to release the 2019 Golden Barra at Lake Monduran.

The 2019 Golden Barra has been released in Lake Monduran and lies in wait for one lucky fisherman to jag its $150,000 prize.

With the competition under way from October 19, the Golden Barra will be well established before anglers can try their hand at catching the top prize – a Bundaberg Toyota Landcruiser and Bundaberg Marineland and Sea Jay boat package.

Lake Monduran Holiday Park manager Rob Howell said the fish, from a hatchery in Bowen, was a rare coloured barramundi.

“They say about one in a million is the sort of turnover rate for these coloured fish,” Rob said.

The response to the competition has been overwhelming according to Rob.

“This year registrations are over 1000 already and we’ve not even entered the first week of the competition.

“We’re looking forward to a big comp and it’s a great thing for the region to have so many visitors.

“This year we’ve had registrants from all over Australia.

“It’s a great family fishing comp. It’s not just aimed at anglers who are professionals.

“Anyone can fish for the Golden Barra.”

Golden Barra release builds excitement for comp

Local freshwater fishing celebrity Jason Ehrlich was enlisted for the Golden Barra release.

He said he was thrilled to be part of the competition.

“The Bundaberg Toyota Golden Barra – it’s a great idea!” Jason said.

“Monduran Dam is fishing great, there’s a lot of good action out there.

“Guys are coming and having a ball catching barramundi.

“Now you’ve got one more reason to come here and that is the Golden Barra and the prize that goes with it.”

Jason is no stranger to fishing Lake Monduran and said whether they caught the Golden Barra or not competition entrants were in for a treat.

“Just come here with the hope of catching a barra – if you get one of [the prize fish] it’s just going to be the ultimate bonus.

“Barra are a pretty tough adversary in these lakes, they grow big and they pull hard.”

Tips for competition entrants:

His tip for 2019 Golden Barra hopefuls was to come prepared to deal with possible snags.

“You’ll notice Monduran Dam has got a lot of trees at the moment.

“The barra are hanging around those trees so you’ll need to fish pretty heavy if you want to get these fish out.

“You don’t want to let them get the upper hand.”

Fishing a big lake isn’t always an easy task, he warned competition entrants.

“You can’t just expect to go out there and catch fish.

“You’ll be relying on your fish finder.

“Today’s technology, we’ve got something called side image.

“Side image and barra they just go hand in hand.

“It’s the best way to fish for them.”

The 2019 Golden Barra competition will run from 19 October 2019 to 19 February 2020.

Anglers can fish anytime through this period over the three months.

To be eligible to claim the prizes, participants must register at goldenbarra.com.au prior to fishing.