Vote in Paradise Dam poll

Paradise Dam poll
The water level at Paradise Dam is currently 55 per cent. Photo: Facebook

Vote to have your say on whether information should be given about why the Paradise Dam wall has to be lowered by five metres.

The dam is currently at 55 per cent capacity, on its way to 42 per cent before repairs commence around May 2020.

Bundaberg Region Mayor Jack Dempsey has encouraged people to sign his petition and vote in an online poll.

“I’m not sure the decision makers in Brisbane have heard loudly enough that people in the Bundaberg Region want answers,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“People want to know the detail of why the dam wall has to be reduced by five metres and why so much water is being released.

“No proper explanation has been given.

“Voting in this online poll is a chance to send a clear message.”


  1. I have been told that the campsites next to the dam waterways are looking very muddy and disgusting. The companies who built the dam must be held to be responsible and must repair it.

  2. Many environmental lawyers, such as Dr Chris McGrath and the late great Polly Higgins agree that the paradise dam is the worst case of mass ecocide in Australia’s history, by far:
    PARADISE DAM – Case for indictment of Ecocide
    A few points to consider (details below)
    “We are monitoring it and seeing that it is a complete disaster ecologically … like you could have dropped a nuclear bomb on the river at that point and you would have had pretty much the same impact as this dam ecologically.” Dr Chris McGrath, Qld Barrister practicing in Environmental Law
    THE Paradise Dam has become a $240 million killing machine for hundreds of fish, including the threatened lungfish. “It’s complete carnage…”

  3. Have any studies been done about the catastrophic effect the sudden collapsing of the Paradise Dam in full flood conditions may have on the inhabitants of Bundaberg?
    Would human lives be endangered?

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