Community readiness survey begins tonight

Community readiness survey
A telephone survey will ask Bundaberg Region residents about their awareness of disaster arrangements and preparations.

Queensland’s Office of the Inspector-General Emergency Management will soon begin community readiness surveys in several locations across the state including the Bundaberg Region.

“To assist the office with its ongoing assurance and review work, a research company has been engaged to undertake a survey of members of the community,” Acting Inspector-General Emergency Management, Alistair Dawson said.

“The community surveys being undertaken will primarily focus on an all-hazards approach to disaster management and the community’s awareness of disaster arrangements and preparations in their local area.”

Mr Dawson said the first round of telephone surveys would begin this evening in the Bundaberg and North Burnett local government areas and is expected to be completed by the following week.

“Telephone surveys will also be undertaken in coming weeks in the bushfire-affected communities in Sarabah, Stanthorpe and Peregian Springs fires to inform the 2019 Queensland Bushfires Review into the September bushfire event,” he said.

“Community readiness surveys will also be conducted in the Mount Isa Disaster District as part of the Mount Isa Disaster District Capability Review.”

The outcomes of this survey work will form part of the Office’s ongoing review work including the 2019 Paradise Dam Preparedness Review, Queensland Bushfires Review, and the review of the capability of the Mount Isa Disaster District including the local and district levels.

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  1. I was interviewed this evening by the company undertaking the “Community Readiness Survey.”. The interviewer was very professional and friendly. However I think that I and the Inspector-General Emergency Management Group, or IGEM as they call themselves, live in parallel universes. I was not aware of many of the formal disaster management issues that I was asked to comment on.
    Either I am isolated and live in a cave or the IGEM have done a poor job in publicising who they are and what they do.

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