Chemotherapy turbans benefit patients

Chemotherapy turbans worn by Gin Gin Neighbourhood Centre's Amber Larsen, Lee-Anne Tober, Venessa Van Peype and Louise Gostelow.
The turbans are in stock at Gin Gin Neighbourhood Centre, worn here by Amber Larsen, Lee-Anne Tober, Venessa Van Peype and Louise Gostelow.

For Pene Mahoney the decision to volunteer her time to make turbans for those undergoing chemotherapy was an easy one to make.

The Boolboonda Hall Quilters member has created almost 50 stylish, lightweight turbans for the Cancer Council Queensland's Bundaberg branch to give to cancer patients losing their hair.

It's an act of kindness she said she never really thought twice about. Having had her own extensive experience with cancer, she just wanted to do something to help others who were going through a hard time.

“Out of my five family members, my mother was the only one not to get cancer,” she said.

“My two brothers and my father all had prostate cancer and I had bowel cancer. I am now up to nine years clear.”

Pene said she was first made aware of the turban-making process at a recent Cancer Council Queensland function and knew she had to step in to help.

Now, with assistance from the rest of the Boolboonda Hall Quilters, dozens of turbans were being created each week for chemotherapy patients.

“They are made from a nice, stretchy fabric which provides a cool alternative to wigs in the summer time,” she said.

“The fold starts in the middle of the forehead and wraps around for an easy fit.”

Pene said the turbans would not only be available from Cancer Council Queensland's Bundaberg office, they were also available at the Gin Gin Neighborhood Centre.

If you would like to create some chemotherapy turbans, donate some stretchy material or join the quilting group, contact Pene at Boolboonda Hall Quilters on 4178 5903 or the Gin Gin Neighborhood Centre on 4130 4630 for more information.