Isis Cultural Centre established as bushfire refuge

Isis Cultural Centre
The Isis Cultural Centre served as a place of refuge for people who had to leave their homes because of bushfires.

The Isis Cultural Centre in Childers has been established as a place of refuge for people who need accommodation because of fires in the Woodgate, Walkers Point and Buxton areas.

At 8pm, QFES advised that Buxton residents may return home while about 30 people had chosen to stay at the evacuation centre (read more here).

At 7pm, QFES advised a fast-moving bushfire was burning near Woodgate Road and Woppis Road, heading towards Walkers Point Road, Woodgate.

Those in the Walkers Point Road (Woodgate) area should evacuate via Walkers Point Road, towards Woodgate Bowls Club in Kangaroo Court.

Residents self-evacuating from the Woodgate township via Woodgate Road will not be able to return until it is safe to do so.

Fire crews are still working to construct containment lines in an effort to contain the fire but firefighters may not be able to protect every property. You should not expect a firefighter at your door. Power, water, and mobile phone service may be lost.

Residents in Kinkuna Waters Estate should evacuate west on Woodgate Road towards Goodwood.

Residents in the Woodgate township are not required to evacuate at this point in time.

People in bushfire affected areas should listen to the advice provided by emergency services personnel and follow all instructions given by QFES and police.

The Isis Cultural Centre at 49 Churchill Street, Childers, has been opened as an evacuation centre for residents leaving these areas who are unable to shelter with friends and family.

The continued operation of the centre will be assessed tomorrow.

What you should do

• Listen to your local radio station or visit the Rural Fire Service (RFS) website for regular updates.
• Put on protective clothing (eg a long-sleeved cotton shirt, boots with thick soles).
• Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

If you are leaving:

• Secure your pets for safe transport.
• Check for road closures and then advise family and friends of your intended travel route.
• Take your important documents and essential items (e.g., passports, birth certificates, prescription medication, food and water, and protective clothing) when you leave.
• Drive with caution in low visibility conditions.

If you are unable to leave:

• Bring pets inside; restrain them with a leash, a cage, or inside a secure room; and provide them with plenty of water.
• Move flammable materials such as doormats, wheelie bins, and outdoor furniture away from your house.
• Fill containers such as your bath, sinks, and buckets with water so you have access to drinking water and firefighting water.
• Close windows and doors, sealing the gaps under doors and screens with wet towels to keep smoke out of the house.
• If you suffer from a respiratory condition, keep your medication close by.

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