Brendan Egan prepares for debut album

Local musician Brendan Egan will launch his first album, Public Opinion, at The Metro Hotel next weekend.
Local musician Brendan Egan will launch his first album, Public Opinion, at The Metro Hotel next weekend.

Local musician Brendan Egan has reached a milestone in his career, celebrating the launch of his first album at a special concert in Bundaberg on 30 November.

It's been a decade-long project for the muso, who spent 10 years writing and creating the music and lyrics for his album titled Public Opinion.

Brendan said releasing an album had always been a goal and even from a young age, he knew his passion or music would manifest into something special.

“I have been studying music since I was eight, so this year it would be 27 years but I have always loved music ever since I can remember. I started performing professionally around about the age of 15,” he said.

“When I was young I pretty much made music my life, I even started my day job in radio because I loved nothing but music.

“When I started out in radio, I started recording and producing music on the weekends and after work and then that's when I found what I was going to do for the rest of my life music and producing.”

Through the years, Brendan said he had tried his hand at many instruments and could play violin, cello, double bass, guitar, electric bass, piano, uke, drums and the didgeridoo.

Now the muso is getting ready to show off his talent through his first ever album, titled Public Opinion, with a launch concert at The Metro Hotel next Saturday night, 30 November.

Creation of the album Public Opinion

Brendan said Public Opinion had been 10 years in the making but it wasn't just a solo project- he made sure his followers had a hand in which songs he would include on the completed product.

“About three years ago I finally got the songs and my guitar and singing ability to a stage where I thought I could be happy with the end product,” he said.

“So I started the process of picking songs for the album, I had 14 to choose from but wanted to narrow that down to 10 solid songs.

Hi Guys, only 2 weeks exactly till the Album Launch at the The Metro Hotel Bundaberg, if you want tickets to this show grab them via this link…….. thought i would share with you the first 2 tracks of mine to be played on radio plus the interview, if you didn't get to check it out live on Hitz939 Bundaberg here it is for you with a bit of unseen footage of how it went.

Posted by Brendan Egan on Friday, November 15, 2019
Above: Hitz939 Bundaberg showcased the first two tracks from Brendan's album plus an interview. Video: Facebook

“I went to my Facebook page, recorded them all acoustically and aired the acoustic pre-release for two weeks, releasing one song a day.

“I then got all my followers on Facebook to vote on which songs they think should be on the album.”

After further fine-tuning his songs, Brendan decided a collaboration with some of his musician friends would be the final cherry on top of his album cake.

“I didn't want just a bunch of random studio musos playing on my album I wanted guys that I know and are friends with to come into the studio and have some fun and get creative,” he said.

“So I ended up working with Adrian Brookes, Dominique Potvin, Matt Farthing, Mark Lavender, Bevan Speirs, Matt Barker, Tony Brown, Kenny Patterson, Gavin Hunter, Kellie List, Nikki Bone and MC G|Zup.

“These are all local artists and proof that you don't have to look outside Bundaberg to find incredible artists to sit in on studio sessions and create such a great product.”

Brendan's music influences

With so many powerhouses in the music industry, Brendan said it was hard to choose his top idol but one superstar stood out from the rest.

“One of my biggest influences for me would definitely be Ed Sheeran, he is an absolute master of his craft and style,” he said.

“It's amazing what he can do on the stage with just his voice guitar and a loop station.”

Brendan said he was also a sucker for movie musicals.

“Moulin Rouge, The Greatest Showman, Hairspray, Rocky Horror, My Fair Lady the list is endless,” he said.

Public Opinion album launch

You can catch Brendan playing at his Public Opinion album launch on Saturday, 30 November kicking off at 2pm at the Metro Hotel.

The event will include support act Keely Sliwka and Matt Munro and guest performances from Nikki Bone and MC G|Zup.

Tickets are $20 for adults or $10 for 12 to 17 year olds and free for those under 12.