Maggie Moo connects generations with music

maggie moo
Ray Roberts, Margaret Roberts and Jean Tincknell join with Gwen Minett and Aubrianna Richards from Maggie Moo Music at Palm Lakes.

Some of the Bundaberg Region’s youngest groovers and shakers are helping to put a smile on the oldest faces with Maggie Moo Music’s inter-generational music and movement sessions.

Maggie Moo Music franchisee Amanda Wharton said she wanted to connect Bundaberg’s youngest with its most elderly and started the inter-generational music and movement program, Grand Moo, last month.

Amanda said Grand Moo was now running at various aged care facilities in the region and the program was extended to local family day care educators to attend with their children.

“The program is about encouraging children to interact with the elderly,” she said.

“Maggie Moo Music uses songs that have very distinct words with repetitive actions and beat which both the children and the elderly can understand and interact with each other.”

Since the start of Maggie Moo Music’s inter-generational music sessions three aged-care facilities have come on board, including Palm Lakes, Bargara.

Palm Lakes resident Bobbie Berkery said she had a wonderful time during the music visit and the children were “exceptionally good”.

“The atmosphere is good isn’t it, everybody is smiling!” Bobbie said.

“I think children and animals are imperative for a place like this; the whole place lights up.

“I feel as though I want to get up and dance.

“It takes me back a long, long way because I’m 96 now.”

So far Amanda said the sessions had been very successful and feedback from both the aged care facilities and the educators was positive.

“The aged care facilities love it, they have said the residents are more active and are often seen kicking their legs and waving their arms to the music,” Amanda said.

“The residents get very excited, they love the interaction and there is lots of hugging and talking to the children.

“They really come alive, it brightens up their day with one lady who always gets up and dances!”

Amanda said the communication between the children and the residents was endearing to watch.

“Some of the residents say they don’t get to see their grandchildren much and the sessions were very special.

“And for the children it’s an experience of seeing another side of grownups, the elderly side, a very gentle side, the children enjoy it and will run to the residents as soon as they arrive.”

Ray Roberts, Margaret Roberts and Jean Tincknell get into the grove at Palm Lakes with Maggie Moo Music’s

Maggi Moo program helps with child’s development

Maggie Moo Bundaberg offers fun and energetic movement and music sessions for babies to school age children using songs especially written for Maggie Moo Music, musical instruments and props.

As a kindergarten teacher Amanda said the benefits of programs such as Maggie Moo Music were important to a child’s development.

“The benefits include language, social skills and interactions from a young age,” she said.

“I think it’s very important both physically and emotionally for their development.”

For more information about Maggie Moo Bundaberg or the Maggie Moo Music Bundaberg Grand Moo program email Amanda: