Oaks Beach sand replenished

Oaks Beach, Burnett Heads
Oaks Beach at Burnett Heads is popular with residents and visitors.

A team project is replenishing sand at Oaks Beach, Burnett Heads, following erosion which caused a depression behind the frontal dune.

The depression was prone to flooding at high tides, which impacted on turtle nest hatching success.

The Sea Turtle Alliance (STA), Gladstone Ports Corporation, Bundaberg Regional Council and Department of Environment and Science have worked collaboratively to implement a sand nourishment project.

Oaks Beach receives the second highest number of loggerhead nesting turtles along the Bundaberg Region coastline.

STA identified the issue and were concerned that the beach would negatively impact the nesting ability of the loggerhead turtles this upcoming season.

“It is wonderful to see the community come together and address this issue,” spokesperson Carly Sugars said.

“With government and non-government bodies working together we have been able to rejuvenate the area with increased sand and vegetation for long-term benefits.

“It is great to see this happen just as the new nesting season kicks off.”

The sand used to fill the depression in the Oaks Beach dunes was provided by Gladstone Ports Corporation.

Before sand was deposited on Oaks Beach, Bundaberg Regional Council, a team from Impact and STA volunteers removed vegetation from the dunes and native species were retained and replanted following the spread of sand.

“By increasing the area of suitable turtle nesting beach, this project provides benefits to long-term monitoring and conservation f the endangered loggerhead turtle,” Carly said.

Sea Turtle Alliance is a volunteer-based organisation dedicated to protecting sea turtles.

The Alliance has links to  community organisations and works closely with Queensland Parks and Wildlife, Bundaberg Regional Council and Department of Environment and Science.

The group has lobbied for turtle-friendly lighting, better signage and increased vegetation on turtle-nesting beaches.

“We have also been active in providing planning feedback to Council to ensure that the preservation and conservation of sea turtles is considered in future developments,” Carly said.

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