Tech Talk: All-new 16-inch MacBook Pro

Geoff Augutis discusses the pros and cons of the new Mac Book Pro.
Geoff Augutis discusses the pros and cons of the new Mac Book Pro.

In a world where tech seems to be getting smaller and smaller, Apple seems to be bucking the trend with the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

The past fortnight has seen a private press release from Apple which gave birth to the much anticipated 16” MacBook Pro.

Apple released their last “plus sized” MacBook 17” in 2011, making it around eight years since they downsized the range to 15”.

Why then would they now on 2019 make the decision to upsize?

This release is in line with others from Apple this year with a focus of trying to keep similar physical dimensions without increasing the actual size.

In the new 16” they have hit the mark.

The screen size has increased significantly while the physical dimensions have only very minor changes.

The other big change with the MacBook Pro 16” is the new and improved keyboard. Moving to the rubber dome style, the new keyboard feels much more “desktop” like.

This is following complaints about the butterfly clip in previous models.

Who will want this behemoth?

With more people working on portable platforms such as phones and tablets, it may be hard to see where this new MacBook sits in the market.

The real user for this product will be the “power user”.

The true benefit of this new device is the massive performance that comes along with the massive screen.

One unexpected addition is the massive battery life with up to 11 hours.

Many users these days have a work desktop and a laptop to travel.

Those who want one device for their desk and the same device for the road will find this product appealing.

Starting at a cheeky $3799, the MacBook Pro 16” has impressive performance and a price point to match. If this big fella matches your budget and use case, you won’t be disappointed.