Telstra flicks switch on 5G in Bundaberg

Telstra 5G
Bundaberg is among the first 25 locations in Australia where Telstra is introducing high-speed 5G technology. Photo: Telstra

Bundaberg has today taken a step towards the 5G future as Telstra switched on the area’s first Telstra 5G base stations.

It's part of the telco's ongoing national rollout of its 5G network.

Telstra Regional General Manager May Boisen said the new 5G capacity, and the ongoing rollout, will not only benefit customers with 5G devices in the selected areas that 5G will initially be deployed, but will also benefit customers with 4G devices in the vicinity of new 5G coverage.

“Telstra has always been dedicated to connecting people in regional Australia and ensuring they are among the first to experience the latest mobile technology,” Ms Boisen said.

“It is really exciting that Bundaberg will be among the first cities in Australia, indeed the world, to have access to 5G connectivity.

“Telstra has been leading the way to pioneer 5G technology – with a number of world and Australian firsts – and make it available to Australian consumers.

“Now with its first 5G site on air, customers in Bundaberg have a chance to be part of that cutting edge.

“Further to this, as we roll out this new 5G technology, it will also improve 4G capacity and speeds.”

Ms Boisen said Bundaberg was one of 25 cities around Australia where the 5G rollout has begun.

For more information visit here or call in at any Telstra store.

The commencement of the 5G rollout in Bundaberg is part of Telstra’s commitment to extend 5G coverage to selected areas of 35 major and regional cities across Australia by the end of June 2020.

5G is the next generation of mobile broadband that will eventually replace, or at least augment, 4G LTE connection. It delivers much faster download and upload speeds.

The coverage map on 27 November 2019 shows 5G is available in the Bundaberg city area as far as Kalkie and Woongarra, excluding Avoca, Svensson Heights, Ashfield, Bargara and other areas.

It's understood coverage will be extended in coming months.

Telstra 5G coverage map
The Telstra 5G coverage map for the Bundaberg area as at 27 November 2019.


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