Busy Bee Fish Bar unites community


News of the upcoming screening of a local documentary featuring Kent and Lyn Wong from Busy Bee Fish Bar has struck a chord with Bundaberg residents.

The film, titled World Famous in Bundaberg: A Documentary About the Busy Bee Fish Bar, will be showcased this Saturday after months in production.

One of the documentary's filmmakers, former Bundaberg man James Latter, said he had been blown away by the reaction from the community about his documentary.

At 6pm Wednesday, the Bundaberg Now Facebook post had reached 17,514 people, had 136 comments and 251 shares.

“I can't believe how much the community have jumped behind the film,” James said.

“It's a testament to the impact Kent, Lyn and the Busy Bee have had on generations over the decades.”

When the story about the documentary screening was posted to Bundaberg Now this morning, it was met with hundreds of likes, reactions, shares and comments from those who love the little shop on Targo Street.

Busy Bee
Kent and Lyn Wong at Busy Bee.

Many residents were thrilled with the idea of the documentary and shared memories from early childhood to now of visiting the Busy Bee Fish Bar.

“I remember riding my bike to the Busy Bee every Friday night for fish and chips, this was in the early 1960s,” Maureen Skehan said.

“I started going there when I was 17, 65 now. They deserve recognition for the years they have served us. Congratulations to a wonderful couple,” Jenny Atkinson said.

Some residents said the takeaway shop was known not only for its delicious food in Bundaberg, but all around Australia.

“I was sitting at a campfire near Denham in Western Australia. I don't think I could have been further away from Bundy and still be on the mainland. Subject of fish and chips came up. I said that I had the best feed of fish and chips in Bundaberg when a guy from Adelaide said, “wouldn't have been that little place in Targo Street would it?” Ross Lawn said.

Others were quick to congratulate the duo on a successful 50 years and a happy, upcoming retirement.

“Congratulations to the most wonderful people who gave Bundaberg the best part of their lives. The best fish and chips the best service and memories that will last a lifetime for many of us,” Colleen Cameron said.

“The nicest people ever, remember walking to their shop from St Joseph's school at big lunch for 5 cents worth of chips in 1966. They will be sadly missed. Wishing them all the best in their retirement,” Ursula Pizzoferrato said.

Filmmaker James Latter said the comments had justified the passion people had for Busy Bee and how the community could band together to support a local project and business.

“When we first planned the event I thought I was stretching it, hoping even 20 to30 people would be interested in seeing the film but at this rate it looks like we're going to have people queuing around the block!” he said.

“Stay tuned for details because it looks like Saturday night will be extended to 2-3 screenings to accommodate the interest we've received.”

World Famous in Bundaberg: A Documentary About the Busy Bee Fish Bar will be screened from 6pm on Saturday at 37 Targo Street, next to the Busy Bee Fish Bar.

To find out more, check out the film's event page here.


  1. As a little girl we always had fish and chips on a Saturday before we went to sea a movie at the Paramount Pictures. That is just so long ago I am now 80 years old.

  2. I know someone wo still lives in Bundy a couple of years older whio went to school at the catholic primary and as senior girl went to Busy Bee for tuckshop.for younger children that’s near 72 years ago.

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