Event to say thank you to Woodgate bushfire volunteers

Woodgate bushfire thank you
John Foster, Pat Fenham, Ian Stewart, Mayor Jack Dempsey, Angela Everest, Nathan Peake and Winston Williams at the Woodgate bushfire thank you event

A special thank you event was held this morning for the dozens of volunteers who played a vital role in containing the Woodgate bushfire, protecting communities and property.

Woodgate bushfire thank you
Triple M hosted the Woodgate bushfire thank you event which was supported by Bundaberg Regional Council

The Woodgate bushfire thank you event was hosted by Triple M and supported by Bundaberg Regional Council.

Goodwood Rural Fire Brigade first officer Richard Greatorex said the event was appreciated by volunteers.

“I think it’s absolutely fabulous,” Richard said.

“It gives us a chance to talk to each other off the fire ground when you’re not under that pressure of having to respond to fires and trying to prevent the fire from getting any bigger.

“I think everyone is pretty chuffed about being here.”

Richard joined the Rural Fire Brigade in 1995 and saw the formation of the first Goodwood brigade.

“We do it to protect the community.

“We do get a lot of support from the community as well which helps us to keep going.”

Woodgate Community Events cooked the breakfast at this morning’s event and also had a number of members donate their time through the brigade or by offering whatever skills they had.

“We just help out where we can,” secretary John Trevor said.

“A lot of our group have been helping out in the kitchen and stuff like that.”

He said he had heard of one of the group members who provided a special thank you to Woodgate bushfire volunteers, delivering scones at 2 am.

“Those sorts of things for the people that are working all hours, there was always someone to provide a cup of tea or coffee or a hot meal.

“These guys were working incredible hours and doing a great effort for everyone in very trying conditions.”

He said volunteering was essential in smaller communities.

“It provides an outlet for people, gets you out, gets you involved with other people.

“It’s a bit of a cliché but I think you always get more out of volunteering than what you put in.”

Mayor Jack Dempsey attended the breakfast to personally thank volunteers saying there was too many groups and organisations to thank to list them all.

“It’s great to say thank you to all our hard-working volunteers,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“Certainly it’s a great opportunity now for other members of the community to think about volunteering as well.

“It’s timely as well to say a big thank you to all the residents for the manner in which they dealt with the situation and listened to the advice issued by emergency services.”

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