TS Bundaberg Naval Cadets fire ceremonial cannon

TS Bundaberg Naval Cadets
Celebrating the end of 2019, TS Bundaberg Naval Cadets fired their ceremonial cannon, perhaps for the last time.

TS Bundaberg Naval Cadets fired their ceremonial cannon, perhaps for the last time, at their end-of-year celebration.

Commanding Office Lieutenant Chris Moyle said the ANC field piece was built in 1901 in England and had been restored to its former glory. It's been in the Bundaberg Region for 15 years.

“It's a naval field piece and has had an undefined history with the navy until we learned of it rusting away in a shed in Brisbane,” he said.

“The field piece, this is the only one there is within the ANC across 88 units around Australia.

“It’s fired for ceremonial occasions and during special events. Today it will be part of a ceremonial sunset.

“At the moment it’s approval for firing is granted by the national commander, and as the national commander finished her term on December 31, it looks like it may go over to navy in the future for approval.”

Lieutenant Moyle said he would like to continue the use of the ANC field piece during ceremonies and hoped it would be fired again next year for Anzac Day.

Along with the ANC field piece firing an amour pack, the end-of-year celebrations included a marching ceremony to say thank you to Captain ANC Kerry Rayner for her three years of service.

TS Bundaberg Naval Cadets
Commanding Office Lieutenant Chris Moyle, National Commander Captain Kerry Rayner and Lieutenant Reg Rayner at TS Bundaberg Naval Cadets end of year celebrations.

Bundaberg’s Captain Kerry Rayner hands over the reins

“Today is potentially an end of an era for not only the ANC field piece but also the National Commander Kerry Rayner,” Lieutenant Moyle said.

Captain Rayner said the past three years had been “thrilling and thoroughly enjoyable”.

“I love meeting cadets and staff from across the country,” Captain Rayner said.

“Visiting their units and getting in touch with their communities as well, to make sure where ever possible we can give them as much support as we can as an organisation to ensure that our cadets have a consistent experience across our country, no matter where they live.

“I want to congratulate TS Bundaberg for the fantastic year they have had this year.”

TS Bundaberg Naval Cadets
Lieutenant Reg Rayner, Councillor Judy Peters, USV Don Dudman and Leading seaman Wil Thompson at TS Bundaberg end of year celebrations.

Attending the end of year celebrations, unit patron Cr Judy Peters congratulated the naval cadets on all their accomplishments throughout 2019.

“One thing I like about this is it actually teaches young cadets’ discipline but also leadership,” Cr Peters said.

“They have had outstanding instructors and commander, and all the officers who have been involved have given these young cadets a chance to grow their careers and personalities and grow opportunities that they make by networking alone.

“Having Kerry as the national commander for the naval cadet units is an amazing coup for Bundaberg, given she comes out of this unit.”

To finish the year in style TS Bundaberg celebrated as they broke in to a dance performance asking the audience to take part.

TS Bundaberg would be recruiting in January 2020 and anyone interested could find out more information here.

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