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Blanket Buddies crocheted tokens at Bethlehem Live

Blanket Buddies
Blanket Buddies Geraldine Bauer, Lyn Thorn, Judith Vollmerhause and Maureen Topliss handing out crocheted Christmas tokens at Bethlehem Live.

More than 2300 crocheted Christmas tokens made by Blanket Buddies are being given out during this week’s Bethlehem Live community celebration.

Blanket Buddies’ Judith Vollmerhause said due to popular demand the ladies had to make more than double the amount from four years ago.

“The main reason why we make the Christmas tokens is to remind people, for them to look at them and remember the story behind Bethlehem, and their own Bethlehem Live journey,” Judith said.

“We have had children come up to us and say they still have theirs from three years ago and have collected a new one each year.

“The children come up and get to choose which one they would like.”

Judith said during the first year the hand-crafted decorative pieces were made at the beginning of December and they had run out almost immediately, so in preparation this year some of the Blanket Buddies members started crocheting in January.

“We were furiously crocheting in December the first year,” Judith said.

“The second year we made 900, the third year we made 1500 and this year we have made more than 2300!”

Blanket Buddies Bethlehem Live
More than 2300 crocheted Christmas tokens made by Blanket Buddies will be given out during this week’s Bethlehem Live community celebration.

Blanket Buddies a chance to socialise

Judith said the Blanket Buddies group started around the time of the 2011 floods when the group instigator Noreen Plath decided to crochet blankets to bring comfort to those who had lost their belongings.

“Noreen passed away in October, so this year is even more special for the rest of us,” Judith said.

“To make sure her passion lives on through our group it is close to everyone’s heart.”

Almost a decade later the group meets once a week and give a chance to not only learn new crochet skills, but also socialise.

“We always have a really good time, some go to crochet and some just go to chat!” Judith said.

Blanket Buddies Bethlehem Live
Blanket Buddies' Helen Mackie and Sharon Melville at Bethlehem Live.

“Even people who don’t know how to crochet can come and join us; someone will teach them how to crochet.”

Judith said Blanket Buddies enjoyed giving out the Christmas tokens at Bethlehem Live and although Noreen was no longer with them, they hoped her memory would live on.

“It really is more important this year as a memory for Noreen, she was the driving force who was there to bring us all together,” she said.

Anyone interested in more information about Blanket Buddies can phone Judith on 0407 554 458.

Bethlehem Live will continue until 9pm on Friday.

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