LifestyleBundaberg Latin Fusion gets hips swinging at Bargara

Bundaberg Latin Fusion gets hips swinging at Bargara

Bundaberg Latin Fusion
Karen and Ken Venus are regulars to the Bundaberg Latin Fusion Friday night at Bargara and encourage other people to step out and give it a go.

Hips were swinging at Bargara on Friday night as community members joined the twilight fun with Bundaberg Latin Fusion.

Ken and Karen Venus said the dance event held on the second Friday of the month was gaining popularity each time it was held, and it was a nice way to kick off the shoes and enjoy yourself.

“It’s an evening full of energy and fun,” Ken said.

“There’s no pressure you just come along and dance and down here by the beautiful Bargara foreshore you can’t ask for anything better.”

Karen agreed saying it was a great evening for both beginner and experienced dancers.

“If you don’t know the moves, there’s always Ken who can show you the steps,” she said.

Travelling from Gin Gin to take part in Bundaberg Latin Fusion’s dance night was Lauren Silver and her two daughters Isabella and Scarlett Gatti, aged 9 and 6, who all said they enjoyed dancing by the seaside.

Lauren said one thing that they always took away from Latin dancing was the fun and laughter.

“We dance sometimes, and I like it,” Isabella said.

Bundaberg Latin Fusion
Bundaberg Latin Fusion Hannah Reed shows Lauren Silver and her two daughters Isabella and Scarlett Gatti learn how to dance.

Latin dancing suitable for everyone

Event organiser Hannah Reed said the community-based free dance nights had run for past 18 months and it was nice to return for the first dance of the new year.

Hannah said when it came to Latin dancing there wasn’t any particular movement you had to be good at in order to give it a go and succeed.

“You just need to try it, stop being shy and give it a go,” she said.

“So many people say they’d love to dance but they ‘have two left feet’ or they are not fit enough, but I say just do it.”

Hannah said it was the perfect opportunity for newcomers to the Bundaberg Region to meet people and create great friendships.

“It’s such a nice group and it really is good for people who have just moved to town and want to learn something new,” she said.

“You step out of your comfort zone a little and become more confident.”

Bundaberg Latin Fusion
Hips were swinging at Bargara on Friday night as community members joined in the fun with Bundaberg Latin Fusion.

Get in and give Bundaberg Latin Fusion a go

Hannah said moving to the beat didn’t require a lot of coordination, but it did help a little.

“I’ve had a lot of people who have never danced before and they are not born dancers, but they have a great time doing it and find it really fun and keep coming back,” she said.

“It’s nice when people get the hang of it and they start to dance more socially, that’s the real nice thing about it.

“You really don’t have to feel shy, I see a lot of people who come along, and you can tell they want to join in and if they do, they always have a lot of fun.”

Latin dancing is generally a partnered sport, but Hannah said the Friday nights were perfect for those who didn’t have a partner to dance with, as people were happy to move around and dance with each other, which made it perfect for individuals to join in.

“Everyone is welcome, if you don’t know what you are doing, that’s fine,” she said.

“If you don’t know how to dance, that’s fine, and if they want to come along and learn, that’s also fine, and if they want to come along and do their own thing that’s fine too.”

She said Bundaberg Latin Fusion dance nights at Bargara were held on the second Friday of each month, there was an even spread with both males and females giving it a go and the best thing it was free.

“We do classes every Sunday at Alexandra Park, out in the open at 4pm and they are free as well,” Hannah said.

Latin Fusion dance workshop

Hannah said the next big event on the Bundaberg Latin Fusion calendar was a workshop with a trainer coming from overseas to help get the Bundaberg community’s hips moving.

“Next weekend we have a bachata workshop, and everyone is welcome to come along,” Hannah said.

“It’s a really, really popular dance all around the world and we will have a trainer, Jay Bong, coming from Spain for it.

“It’s really excited and he is going to bring some other dances from Brisbane.”

Hannah said the event was open to everyone and the more the better.

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