Bollywood Dance Workshop takes Bargara by storm

Bollywood Dance Workshop
Cynthia Hoogstraten (yellow) and Julie Singh (black top) enjoy the Bollywood Dance Workshop at Bargara.

The ever-popular Bollywood Dance Workshop took Bargara by storm on Saturday afternoon as part of the annual Confluence Festival, tripling last year's attendance figures.

Spectators were mesmerized, with some even inspired enough to join in mid-dance, as the seaside grooving got underway.

Choreographer Gilles Chuyen took the dancers through the sensuous movements while listening to popular Hindi songs.

It’s the second time Gilles has been to the Bundaberg Region as part of the Confluence Festival and said he never had any expectation when it came to the amount of workshop participants.

“I have come to share the magic of Bollywood,” Gilles said.

“Bollywood is all about going out there and dancing, having fun and joy!

“I just enjoy teaching Bollywood all over the world, when teaching a class, it’s not only about what you have to offer but also the dialogue you create with the people and students and I enjoy that.

“I look forward to have a lot of joy and having a lot of fun!”

Bollywood Dance Workshop
Choreographer Gilles Chuyen teaches the crowd including Cynthia Hoogstraten (yellow), Ken Venus (black shirt) and Julie Singh (blue pants) during the Bollywood Dance Workshop at Bargara.

Spontaneous decision to join Bollywood Dance Workshop suits Ken

It wasn’t a normal afternoon along the Bargara foreshore for Ken Venus who saw the dance action and thought he’d join in the fun.

“I know I shouldn’t have had the milkshake first!” Ken said with a smile.

“He is a great teacher, he’s made it easy and I am having a lot of fun!”

Julie Singh was excited when she heard the Confluence Festival would be returning for another year after she participated in the last year’s Bollywood Dance Workshop with Gilles Chuyen.

“I am really enjoying it – It’s definitely a good cardio workout,” Julie said.

“It’s easy enough to follow the routine by watching!”

Dance Workshop at Bargara
New Delhi-based band Advaita members Chayan Adhikari, Rohit Prasanna, Ujwal Nagar, Sarthak Pahwa and Aninda Bose ready to watch the Bollywood Dance Workshop at Bargara.

Advaita enjoys Bargara before Bollywood Dance Workshop

New Delhi-based band Advaita members enjoyed the afternoon at Bargara ahead of their Confluence Festival performance on today.

The band members said they were excited to be in the Bundaberg Region for the first time, and it was a nice reprieve from the cold weather of Melbourne and Perth.

Chayan Adhikari said they were also eager to watch the Bollywood Dance Workshop, with some of the band members planning to take part.

“It’s been a hectic few days and it’s nice to be here and relax with no pressure!” he said.  

Advaita is one of India’s leading musical acts and will take to the stage of the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre on Sunday 10 November at 7pm.

The band is credited with creating a new contemporary Indian sound, hailed by music-lovers as well as critics as truly original and progressive.

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