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Copper services reach end of the line in Bundaberg

The countdown is now reaching the final phase for Bundaberg residents and businesses to connect to the nbn fibre network and avoid disconnection of fixed services.

Telstra is urging Bundaberg residents who have not yet made the switch to nbn to do so now, with copper services ceasing later this week.

Telstra Regional Area Manager May Boisen said the countdown was now reaching the final phase for Bundaberg to connect to the nbn fibre network and avoid disconnection of their fixed services.

“In line with the Government’s nbn policy, traditional copper-based phone, data and internet services will start to be switched off in parts of Bundaberg from Friday, 17 January,” Ms Boisen said.

“Customers in this area who have yet to switch to the nbn need to act now to avoid disruptions to their landline and broadband services.”

Ms Boisen said there is a misconception among some in the community that the disconnection of copper services would not affect landline telephone services.

“Some households who are yet to move across to the nbn currently only have a landline phone. We’re concerned some still believe that voice services aren’t affected by the nbn,” she said.

“We are encouraging community members to check in on loved ones and elderly neighbours to make sure they are fully prepared for the impending disconnection of copper services.

“We also believe many of the remaining premises yet to make the switch are local businesses.

“Transferring services onto the nbn can take some time and coordination. We know how important a working phone, data and internet connection is to a business so we’re strongly urging remaining businesses to act today.”

Why nbn?

Queensland Computers co-owner Geoff Augutis said making the switch to nbn was inevitable.

“Most people will have made the change by now,” he said.

“Those who haven’t will mainly be people who are unsure how to make the change.

“It's important that service providers support these people through the transition.”

Geoff said while there were still issues that needed to be ironed out when it came to the nbn, the benefits were clear.

“Nbn definitely has the potential to provide a better internet experience for customers,” he said.

“People still experience issues with these services and they are by no means faultless.

“Having said that, much of the satisfaction issues with clients are based around the services being sold as better than what they actually deliver.”

How to make the switch:

  1. Consider your fixed phone and broadband needs so you can select an appropriate nbn plan and provider;

2.Once you've selected a plan, place an nbn order. If you’ve selected a Telstra plan, visit your local Telstra store or Telstra Business Centre or call 1-800-T-FIBRE (personal customers) or 1800 659 616 (business customers);

3.Customers using a medical alarm or alert (or their family member, carer or friend on their behalf) should also record their medical alarm on the NBN Co’s Medical Alarm Register by calling 1800 227 300 or completing the online form at www.nbnco.com.au/medicalregister.

As a precaution, Telstra landline customers who are yet to place an order to move to the nbn will continue to be able to make outgoing calls only to E000 and Telstra customer service numbers for a limited period of time following their disconnection date.

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