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Construction set to begin on new health care centre

A concept image of the new health centre on Branyan Street, to be constructed within the next six months.
A concept image of the new health centre on Branyan Street, to be constructed within the next six months.

Work is about to begin on a new health care centre in Branyan Street, providing the Bundaberg community with a range of health services under one roof.

Bundaberg doctor Pretissha Harrichund, who is currently based at the Mater Hospital, is the woman behind the development. She said her aim was to keep services as patient-centred as possible.

“I will be primarily providing specialist services as well as allied health which will include physiotherapy, exercise physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychology and more,” she said.

“This is very much a process of evolution. When I move to the next phase of the development, I plan to have a pool and other facilities that can further expand the range of care.”

Dr Harrichund said plans for the health care centre were twofold, with stage one to be up and running within six months.

She said the idea had developed as part of an evolutionary response to the current health care system.

“I am passionate about providing a health care approach that is not pigeon-holed,” she said.

“I find that the approach to healing is very much compartmentalised and so I am hoping to provide a service where we can look at each patient holistically.

“I want to look at a person in terms of the different facets; physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.

“I provide individualised, evidence-based treatment.”

Dr Pretissha Harrichund
Dr Pretissha Harrichund will be opening a new health care centre on Bourbong Street when construction finishes in six months time.

A range of health services offered onsite at centre

Dr Harrichund said the purpose of her new health care centre was to focus on all of those needs in one central location.

“Over time I have found that the things I am advising to patients are things I am not able to provide onsite and people have to go out and look for those services,” she said.

“They then fall through the cracks and are not able to get the care they need.”

Having worked in both the public and private sector throughout her career, Dr Harrichund said she was able to glean exactly what she thought was needed in the region from her own experiences.

Dr Harrichund said while stage one of her centre would be focused on specialist services; allied health and group fitness in a fun environment would be part of the second stage.

The health care centre development was a completely new concept for the region and beyond, according to Dr Harrichund, who said she had not come across her program anywhere else in Queensland.

“What I want to provide the Bundaberg community is something that may not be limited to just this region,” she said.

“People may travel from other places and I think once the word gets out, Bundaberg will be seen as a place to go for various health care options.”

Bundaberg a special place for Dr Harrichund

She said providing Bundaberg with better health services was something she had wanted to achieve for herself, her family and for the community that had welcomed her with open arms.

“I have been in Bundaberg since 2010 and I recently became a citizen,” Dr Harrichund said.

“I am grateful to be in a position where I have worked to the point of building something that allows me to contribute positively and help others to contribute further in their own way.

“It's a privilege to be part of such a beneficial ripple effect.”



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