TechnologyEmerging tech highlighted at CES 2020

Emerging tech highlighted at CES 2020

CES 2020
Startup companies exhibited at the CES 2020 in the Sands Expo Center.

Geoff Augutis from Queensland Computers in Bundaberg looks at the next big things in tech, including plant-based meat. Would you eat it?

Each year the Consumer Technology Association hosts their massive CES event in Las Vegas.

Known as the global stage for innovation, this is where brands go to showcase their tech for the year(s) to come.

Wrapping up on 10 January, this year’s CES was as big as ever with some ground-breaking tech entering the market.

What’s hot at CES 2020?

Food tech: Having featured last year, Impossible Foods was back with more of their Impossible Burger range.

This plant based ‘meat’ food tech is taking the world by storm and has now partnered with the likes of Burger King (Hungry Jacks in Australia) and McDonalds.

Autonomy and accessibility: This space is in a huge growth phase.

Products like the Whill are entering the market – an autonomous wheelchair.

The Japanese product uses high tech sensors and design to detect obstacles, safety risks and ensure maximum mobility with improved speed and safety.

Eco-friendly: Enter the ZERA – food recycler.

Now available to buy in the US, this nifty little device breaks down food scraps to one third of their volume in just one day.

The output is a complete ready-to-use fertiliser and the device is fully automated.

At $1,200 US this product is likely to be a hit for gardeners and recyclers alike.

Wearables: We knew this would appear with wearables such as sports bands, smart watches and glasses being a big part of previous events.

This year Xenoma are back again with wearable tech in the form of clothing.

The e-skin smart pyjamas are designed to monitor health and well being for the elderly.

Their range also covers sportswear and will continue to grow as ‘connected’ clothing takes off.

If you consider yourself a bit of a futurist, have a dig into the reports emerging from CES 2020.

You will quickly find that the ‘tech’ includes far more than new phones and computers.

Whilst Australia can be slow to uptake, it does give some pointers for what’s over the horizon.

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  1. Plant based burgers are old school now as these have been available for a considerable period from Hungry Jack’s.
    They taste great and are a far better diet choice.
    Technology is a such a great pace. Last week’s news of a good product is now mainstream.

  2. ZERA – food recycler.
    Marketed as eco friendly. It takes energy and leaves a carbon footprint for what we have been doing for centuries.
    Recycling food scraps is a no brainer even without spending $1200 on some gadget.

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