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Bargara Post Office on the move

Bargara Post Office on the move
Licencees Mandy and Craig at the new Bargara Post Office, which will open on Monday

Bargara Post Office customers will enjoy bright new premises, better parcel collection services and more car parking from next Monday.

The new post office, a few doors up from the present location on See Street, boasts more floor space, more dedicated car parks and innovative services for post office box customers.

Licencees Craig Donehue and Mandy Healey said they were looking forward to the move.

“Having more space in the new post office we will be able to stock a larger range of items including giftware alongside our current range,” Mandy said.

“For PO Box customers, we will offer for the first time 24/7 parcel collection with our new red parcel lockers.”

Craig said the decision to move into the new premises was an easy one.

“The two main reasons we moved into the new post office were parcel storage and car parking for customers,” he said.

“Parcels have almost doubled in the short time we’ve been here and are tipped to continue increasing by about 12 per cent per year. 

“With that sort of parcel growth we would have simply run out of space in our current location very soon.”

Craig said easier car parking for customers was also a key factor.

“We will have five dedicated carparks for Australia Post customers and one for delivery vans,” he said.

“Both these improvements will allow us to grow and expand as Bargara grows in the coming years.

“It’s a great business that will grow naturally as Bargara grows and as online shopping continues to grow.”

Craig and Mandy have been licencees at the Bargara Post Office since June 2018, but if not for a chance conversation it may never have happened.

One day Mandy simply walked into the Bargara Post Office and asked Lindon and Sue if they would be interested in selling their business.

“I couldn’t believe it when Lindon replied that he had just sent paperwork to his business broker in the mail 20 minutes before I walked in the door,” Mandy said.

“In some ways it felt like it was meant to be.”

The move into the new premises has been a huge team effort.

“We would like to thank Dave and Brock Munro from Munro Constructions for project managing the entire job and their unwavering dedication and perfectionist workmanship; as well as a long list of hand-picked professionals who have worked tirelessly to get this job finished on time,” Craig and Mandy said.

“Bargara’s new Post Office would not have been possible had it not been for Dr Werner Frielingsdorf who decided to let us go ahead with our dream and re-design the original See Street Surgery Centre.

“We would also like to thank the Bundaberg Corporate Post Office team, Lindon and Sue and our team – Kimberly, Sarah, Brioni and Rowena – who have been with us on and off over the past one and a half years.

“And a huge thankyou to our customers, who have been a strength of encouragement and support and have been very patient with us during both the re-location of their PO boxes as well as the shop.”

Bargara Post Office on the move
Craig and Mandy at Bargara Post Office will say goodbye to the old premises this Friday

New post office boxes already in use

Bargara Post Office on the move
The new post boxes are already in use

It will be “business as usual” until Friday at the current post office, although new post office boxes are already operational.

The current post office will be closed on Saturday and Sunday, with the opening of the new premises on Monday, 3 February.

“We plan to have our grand opening on Saturday morning 8 February, celebrating with a sausage sizzle,” Craig and Mandy said.

“Exciting times ahead.”