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Moose the gentle giant is looking for a home

Moose cat
Moose the 7.2kg cat is available for adoption at RSPCA Bundaberg.

Moose, the handsome Tonkinese cat, came to the RSPCA Bundaberg shelter as a street-roaming stray and is now looking for his forever home.

Though he weighs a whopping 7.2kg, he's not as tough as he looks, and would never think of using his claws on a human.

He loves attention and cuddles.

Moose is looking for a home where he will be strictly an indoor and only cat, due to both his roaming history, his long recovery from cat flu, and the fact that he does like to assert his big-boy status over other cats (and potentially small dogs).

Moose's adoption price is $250 and this includes his desexing, microchipping, vaccinations, and flea and worm treatments.

He's not a fan of being photographed so you really need to come and see him in person.

If you have a home to meet his needs please come out and meet him – you won't be disappointed!

To find out more about Moose, head to the RSPCA Bundaberg Facebook page here.