Ella Wilkinson to delve into intrigues of the brain

Moore Park Beach's Ella Wilkinson enjoying Europe before embarking on a Psychology Honours degree at USC

A fascination with the intricacies of the human brain has inspired last year’s St Luke’s Anglican College school captain Ella Wilkinson to study Psychology at USC.

The 18-year-old from Moore Park Beach returned from seeing the sights of Europe in time to join in Orientation activities at USC’s Sunshine Coast campus this week.

“Orientation has been fantastic,” said Ella, who officially begins USC’s four-year Psychology Honours degree when Semester One gets underway on Monday 24 February.

“I really enjoyed all the activities and tours at Orientation, and I am very excited to start university properly next week,” she said.

“The human brain and the complex ways in which we – as a society and species – interact, function and behave has intrigued me for a long time.

“Our world is evolving at a startling pace, and to have the skills to perpetuate ways of healthy living in a constantly changing environment is my strongest aspiration.”

Ella credits her parents with career path

Ella Wilkinson credits her parents with her desire to work in the mental health field and pursue a career as a clinical psychologist.

“My mum is a mental health drug and alcohol nurse, and my dad is a police officer, so I have grown up in a household where caring for, understanding and helping people is heavily emphasised,” she said.

“Through observing the work of my parents, I’ve witnessed the difference you can make in people’s lives – and communities – by reaching out.”

The high-achieving all-rounder who received a swag of academic, cultural and service awards during high school, also played the trumpet and euphonium in concert and stage bands and ensembles and participated in various sports, from karate to hiking.

After wrapping up Year 12 with subject awards for legal studies, art and extension English, the OP5 student is looking forward to experiencing a new, more independent and flexible style of learning at university.

“I am excited to study my passion and gain real life experience,” said Ella, who decided to enrol at USC after visiting the Sunshine Coast campus as part of a Year 12 camp.

“I was instantly drawn to the welcoming atmosphere and was impressed by the modern facilities and its great reputation,” she said.

“Having qualified professionals teach tutorials and lectures, in addition to the several opportunities to attend work placements, was also extremely appealing.” There is still time to apply to study a range of degrees at USC in Semester One. For details go to the website.

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