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Affectionate Zorro is looking for his forever family

Affectionate Zorro is looking for his forever family.

Affectionate Zorro loves a cuddle and is currently with Red Collar Rescue looking for his forever family.

The first thing you can’t help but notice about Zorro is his striking good looks.

What breed is he you ask? Well, he’s probably a Catahoula cross, but he’s the colour of a Weimaraner and has the body shape of a Great Dane.

He’s only 25kg and he’s been finished growing for a long time!

Zorro is approximately eight years old .

This poor pup has been severely let down by humans, despite his good looks and gentle disposition, his physical and emotional scars mean that he will not be suited to many people.

He is harder to train because he is shut down and expecting to be beaten, it will take him time to decompress, and learn how to learn.

He’s been in foster for three weeks and is making progress with the basics.

Quiet Zorro craves cuddles

Some other things about Zorro – mostly, he’s enjoys a cuddle, he loves affection and being close, also he makes almost no noise!

So far in foster, the only time he’s ever barked was in attempting to round up some horses.

He hasn’t been aggressive around the horses or the cat, he’d really like to play with the cat, but he respects her hisses wishes to keep away.

Affectionate Zorro is looking for his forever family.

When in the yard, if he knows his people are just inside, he makes no attempt to jump the four foot fence and can hang out by himself with no issues.

If left behind, he’ll do everything he can to follow, and investigate the contents of any bins as he assumes he’s been left forever and he’s going to starve… he has been improving with this though!

More importantly, Zorro is very good about toileting outside.

He walks brilliantly on a lead. He’s respectful of other dogs but he’s selective who he will actually play with.

He’s a great dog that’s going to need to meet the right person to have the life he deserves!

If you would like to know more about Zorro, contact the team at Red Collar Rescue via their Facebook page.

If you think you are the loving home Zorro needs please put in an adoption application at www.redcollarrescue.org.