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Bundaberg Colour Frenzy paints the town red

Bundaberg Colour Frenzy
Sunyoung Yoan, Kate Forrest and Dara Kim enjoy the Bundaberg Colour Frenzy.

There was more than a splash of colour at the Bundaberg Colour Frenzy on Sunday as people and their pets enjoyed the vibrant atmosphere for a good cause.

Bundaberg Colour Frenzy returned for another year with a goal to raise $5000 for local animal rescue group Red Collar Rescue.

Taking part in the fundraiser Sharon Golding and her pal Brutus along with Andrea Fox and her pooch Pippa joined in good cause as they understood the important work animal rescue groups do as both dogs were once rescue animals.

Sharon although the Bundaberg Colour Frenzy was a bit of fun and a good chance to give the dogs a bit of exercise, raising money for Red Collar Rescue touched home with her.

Bundaberg Colour Frenzy
Sharon Golding and her pal Brutus along with Andrea Fox and her pooch Pippa joined in Bundaberg Colour Frenzy as they know the importance of animal rescue groups.

“Brutus is a Red Collar Rescue dog,” Sharon said.

“He was traumatised when we got him about 12 months ago, but he has moulded into the family well.”

Andrea said Pippa didn’t come from Red Collar Rescue but had been poorly treated by her previous owner and she was well on her way to becoming the perfect companion.

“There are so many unwanted animals that are not being looked after and have no where to go,” Andrea said.

“So, if they don’t have rescue organisations those dogs end up being put down but instead, they are able to find a loving home.”

The pair agreed Bundaberg Colour Frenzy was a lot of fun and they enjoyed the obstacle course saying there was never a better reason to get messy.

CQUniversity Bundaberg was one of Bundaberg Colour Frenzy major sponsors and staff didn’t hesitate to join in the fun at the family orientated event.

Bundaberg Colour Frenzy
CQU Bundaberg's Kaylah Williams, Luke Sinclair, Rebecca Ballantyne and Lewis McKee enjoy the community atmosphere at the Bundaberg Colour Frenzy.

CQU campus administration and growth officer Lewis McKee said it was a fantastic community event and they were pleased by the response from locals.

“I think we had over 600 tickets sold, and all the money goes to Red Collar Rescue,” Lewis said.

“We are excited about supporting this, not just because of the fantastic things that Red Collar Rescue do, but also because it’s a great community event.

“At CQU we feel like we are in a position to give back to the community and its nice to do that here with a good cause.”