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Giant Easter treats at Cha Cha Chocolate

Cha Cha Chocolate
Melanice Jacobsen owner of Cha Cha Chocolate with a giant freckle bunny.

A giant chocolate bunny and massive candy egg are just some of the delicious items creating some Easter magic at Cha Cha Chocolate.

The Targo Street shop is gearing up for a huge Easter with owner Melanice Jacobsen and her team working around the clock to create some chocolate magic.

That includes plenty of giveaways, according to the chocolate connoisseur, who said a giant candy Easter egg and chocolate freckle rabbit were up for grabs as part her holiday treats.

Cha Cha Chocolate
The giant candy Easter egg can be won at Cha Cha Chocolate.

“We raffle a big candy egg every year and this year we are fundraising for Marcus Mission,” she said.

“It is made by two Italian ladies in Toowoomba, is worth about $250 and weighs 4.5kg.

“We are selling raffle tickets for this prize and we have already raised $200 in tickets sales- I think we could definitely get to $1000.”

Melanice said a competition especially for the kids was also available and featured a puzzle and a giant freckle bunny.

“If the kids come in to the shop they can collect the competition, figure out the puzzle and then bring it back to the shop to go into the draw,” she said.

“It's a fun little thing for the children to get involved in to make Easter that extra bit special.”

Melanice said the store was currently packed to the rafters with chocolate goodness and more and more items were being created just in time for Easter.

She said she was expecting a busy few weeks ahead with unique chocolate treats already walking out the door.

“Pink Lady make a very unique range and, especially after the fires, I think is going to be pretty big this year,” she said.

“The range includes chocolate bilbys, koalas, wombats, platypus and more.

“The really special stuff we get in is from all around Europe including Germany, France and Belgium which always sells out really fast.”

Melanice said gift baskets were also a favourite with customers.

“Our gift baskets are always popular and we sell around one thousand each Easter,”s he said.

“I think they work well because they are the perfect grab and go treat.”

Melanice said her favourite part about this time of year was creating a little bit of magic in her shop for customers to enjoy.

“Normally, when people come in at Christmas you hear gasps because the whole shop transforms and I really wanted to do that for Easter this year,” she said.

“We just love spread the joy and the store getting that reaction already.

“I mean let's face it, you can always buy Easter eggs from the supermarket but if you can support a local business and experience than the magic of the shop then that makes it all the more special.”

Cha Cha Chocolate store
The Cha Cha Chocolate store.

Cha Cha Chocolate is located at 23 Targo Street. To find out more click here.