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Young Koda looking for guidance in adoption

Koda Red Collar Rescue
Koda is available for adoption at Red Collar Rescue.

If you have a bit of time on your hands, one-year-old Koda is currently available for adoption at Red Collar Rescue and is looking for the perfect family to take him on.

Koda is still very much just a puppy looking for guidance.

He is gentle and affectionate, yet capable of being a rough, naughty child.

At just 1 year old he has a world of learning to receive to help him be his best self.

While too bouncy for very small children, he would love some older kids to race around with and join in their games.

This boy is part gazelle, so good fencing is a must, and preferably another dog to entertain him and keep him company when the family can't.

Breed: Medium Male Cross breed Dog

Age: 1 year

To find out more about adopting Koda, visit the Red Collar Rescue website here or check out the Facebook page.


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