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Vet care for your pet in times of isolation

Sugarland Animal Hospital
There are many options if your pet needs vet care while you're in isolation

As residents remain at home, especially our elderly, Sugarland Veterinary Hospital has been tackling the question “what if my pet gets sick while I’m isolated.”

Sugarland Veterinary Hospital’s Dr Mike Woodham said there were many options available.

“We are offering phone or video consultation options for our pet owners.

“If you are unwell, self-isolating or not wanting to attend the hospital in person, we are offering patient drop-offs, pick ups and telehealth consultations.

“With our Drive through service your pet will be greeted at our carpark and taken into the hospital by one of our team.

“They will then receive our gold standard treatment by our Veterinarians and speak to you remotely during consultation.”

Dr Mike from Sugarland Veterinary Hospital said pet owners didn’t even need to come into contact with vet hospital staff.

“There is no fancy gear needed for a video-call, simply uses your own computer/device or mobile phone to exchange information with our Veterinarian.

They will determine what, if any, treatment is needed.”

Furthermore, a pick up and drop off service is also available, along with short or full telehealth consultations with Sugarland Veterinary Hospital's team.

“We can have a free 10 minute telehealth consult to assess the severity of your pet’s needs, right through to a full consultation via skype, zoom, facetime or messenger.

More details can be found on Sugarland Veterinary Hospital's website here.

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