Kalkie school students watch chicks hatch online

Kalkie State School chickens
With careful planning Kalkie State School students placed chicken eggs in an incubator to ensure the chicks hatched before the start of the Easter School holidays.

As many Bundaberg school students take an early Easter holiday break, Kalkie State School teachers are making sure students don’t miss out on the exciting hatching of Kalkie State School chickens, with the help of social media.

Kalkie State School senior teacher Sharleen Johnson said this term Kalkie State School’s Year 3 students have been working on animal life cycles of a variety of animals, including a trip to see view the life cycle of the turtles at Mon Repos.

Sharleen said with the help of a kind donation of fertilised chicken eggs from one of the school parents, the students were lucky enough to learn about the life cycle of chickens first hand.

 “Through this we had a lovely parent, Sarah Grant, bring in some fertilised chicken eggs and also lend us her incubator allowing us to physically show the children the first few stages in a real-life cycle,” Sharleen said.

With careful planning the students placed the eggs in the incubator to ensure the chickens hatched before the start of the Easter School holidays.

“As a class we have counted down the days – 21 days in the incubator, until ‘hatch day’ which was Wednesday 1 April,” she said.

“Unfortunately, due to everything that has been happening the children aren't here to see them hatch.”

Facebook allows Kalkie school student to watch chicks hatch

Today we managed to catch another chicken hatching. Check it out while we prepare for another LIVE feed in 5 minutes time!

Posted by Kalkie State School on Tuesday, March 31, 2020

But, with the help of social media the students have been able to watch the tiny little chicks emerge from their eggs and turn into fluffy little bundles, from the comfort of their home and just in time for Easter.  

“We have been lucky enough to catch three chickens hatching and have been able to film it,” Sharleen said. 

“Using the videos we took, we have been able to share this experience with all the children at Kalkie through our school Facebook page.

“We did a live feed on Tuesday introducing the first baby chick and another live cross today introducing the other chickens that have hatched.”

Sharleen said the school was also looking to post photos of all the chicks and have the children give feedback on names for the baby chickens.

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