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Full moon drum roll for gratitude online

Full Moon Drumming
Cynthia Hoogstraten preparing for the Full Moon United Drum Roll for Gratitude

The full moon drumming at Bargara is a popular event and organisers have come up with a novel way to celebrate the next full moon on Wednesday, 8 April while showing appreciation for those keeping the community safe.

Unity Drummers Inc’s Cynthia Hoogstraten said it was important that Government Guidelines were followed regarding Coronavirus social distancing measures and that drummers stayed engaged.

“Our full moon gatherings at Bargara are very popular in the community and I know many people will be missing being part of this exuberant circle,” Cynthia said.

“We also have much to be grateful for, living in this beautiful environment of the Bundaberg Region and for the many frontline workers and community members who are working together and going the extra mile to ensure that we are all safe and provided for.”

“Hence the idea of a virtual show of appreciation by beating our drum and leaving a message on our public Facebook page, Unity Drummers Bundaberg.

“Friends in this group come from all over the world, including Alex Salvador who facilitates the Townsville Drummers, who is keen to be on board.”

Everyone invited to be part of the Drum Roll

The whole community is invited to be part of the Full Moon United Drum Roll for Gratitude.

“We’re inviting everyone to be involved by sharing a photo of themselves with their drum and a message of gratitude, a short video (one minute maximum) including a drum roll and message, or simply a message of appreciation,” Cynthia said.

“I plan to go live around 6pm Wednesday night so people can see the moon rising over the horizon and I will also do a drum roll (weather and government guidelines permitting).

“Wouldn't it be amazing to hear the sounds of drums from all over Bundaberg?”

“If the weather is fine, individuals can sit in their gardens and play their drum.

“Rebecca from Bargara Holistic Centre is keen to include a short meditation online after the drum roll.”

Technology makes it easy to join in

Cynthia said the technology available today would make it easy for people to share videos of themselves drumming.

“A lot of people take photos on their cameras,” she said.

“If they look at the screen there should be a video option, also a button to reverse the screen so they can see themselves.

“They can place the photo on a stable surface and press the record button to film themselves for a short video.

“Practise first, as we are all learning new ways of doing things.

“They can then upload the video to the Facebook page like they would do a photo.”

As well as the Full Moon United Drum Roll For Gratitude, Cynthia recommended that those who would normally go to the Full Moon drumming to continue drumming.

“On behalf of Unity Drummers Inc. I wish to encourage all our drummers including children or anyone who wants to be involved to continue playing their instruments or playing music,” she said.

“It is so beneficial for our wellbeing to stay connected, allow the ‘beat to go on' and to show our appreciation to those who matter.”